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Hunt Reporter and Host Cinders Vale festoons the Happy Hunting set with blooms on this week’s show, bringing gifts from sin original’s Spring Has Sprung 2 Hunt and the A Mazing Easter Egg Hunt at Botanica.

The Hunt Buzz reminds hunters to remember the smaller store and sim hunts that will keep popping up unexpectedly right up until the next holiday has passed.

You can catch all of the past Happy Hunting shows in our archives. The 50th Anniversary gift is still awaiting your touch at the Garden of Dreams studio.

Cinder & rosa 51


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Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale takes us on a trip under the sea, as well as egg hunting.

She shows off gifts from the Mysteries of the Sea Hunt and the Sweet Gift Egg Hunt.

Be sure to pick up your ballot while out hunting or on The Hunties page at either Happy Hunting! or at HuntSL.com.

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Here is this week’s show, ready for you to watch. Don’t miss it!!

As you can see – this week’s show contains news of Steam: The Hunt – a very popular event on the Hunt calendar!

Rosa and Cinders

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Happy Hunting’s own Cinders Vale goes in search of big game on this week’s show. There are white dinosaurs to be found in the Dinosaurs Are Cute Hunt, and black kittens have gone into hiding in the I’m a Little Girl in a Dark World Hunt. Cinders bravely ferrets them all out!

Later in The Hunt Buzz Rosamoo Mendelsohn discusses a variety of hunt formats and previews a new one for an up coming hunt.

Thanks go out to Park Place Home Furnishings for providing the decor for February’s Hunt Buzz set.

Happy Hunting, everyone!

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The Hunties are Here!

The Hunties are Here!

The Hunties Awards for the hunters’ favorite hunt merchants and their favorite hunts will be presented on Friday, 10th January at 3pm SLT in the Happy Hunting studio. Be sure to get there early in case the sim closes.

The show will also be live streamed via AviewTV.

If you can’t be here at all, be sure to check our web site for a link to Treet.TV and AviewTV for a tape of the show after Friday, as well as for a list of the winners.

The Hunties presentation

The Hunties presentation

The full list of nominees (chosen from across the grid) are:

Women’s Fashion
Dondi’s Doodads
Dressed by Lexi
Ever An’ Angel
Leri Miles Diesigns
Les Sucreries de Fairies
Loordes of London
Lyrical B!zarre

Women’s Accessories
Hats by Courture Chapeau
KM Designs
Loordes of London
The Mad Hattery
Two Sisters Designs

Men’s Fashions
Alpha Male
By Jove

Men’s Accessories
FE Style
The Mad Hattery
Wildz Creations

Loordes of London

Artistry by E
Chop Zuey
Designs by Sebastian

Body Parts
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Mirror’s enigma
Styles by Kira

Animations and Poses
My Animations
X-Clusive Animations

The Hunties awards

The Hunties awards

Home Furnishings
Aileen’s Shabby and Chic Country Store
Park Place
Storax Tree

Park Place
Pillows and Things

Full Perm Building Components
Les Sucreries de Fairies

Store or Sim Hunt
Celtic Wolf
Mad Pea
Purple Moon

Cinders Vale presents The Hunties

Cinders Vale presents The Hunties

Grid Wide Hunt
Around the Grid in 80 Days
Best Foot Forward
Evil Bunny
Historical Hunts – Steampunk
Mysterious Deaths
Peace on Earth

Best Organized/Organizer
Allie Munro
I&R Fun With Hunts
Julya Lykin
Kastle Electric
LuckyJade Alter
SumSum Larnia
Xandra Bressig

Favorite Hunt Theme
Around the Grid in 80 Days
Best Foot Forward
Four Walls
Peace on Earth
Revenge of the Toys
Spring into Kawaii
Taste the Rainbow
Tickles Me Props
2 of a Kind

Congratulations to EVERYONE who was nominated. Best of luck tonight!

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Here is our HUGE holiday show.

Host Cinders Vale gets to view a sample of the gifts from 10 holiday hunts brought together by hunt reporter Rosamoo Mendelsohn.

cinders and rosa

Later they are joined by Producer Saffia Widdershins and Videographer Petlove Petshop for a chat about the last year on Happy Hunting, what’s coming up in January and saving elephants.
group canfab

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Start the Birthday Dragon Hunt at Grendel's!

Start the Birthday Dragon Hunt at Grendel’s!

We featured Grendel’s recently on Designing Worlds, and on the show, Toady Nakamura, Flea Bussy and Cacia Escape told us something about their plans for a special dragon quest to celebrate Grendel’s 7th Birthday.

And now that Quest has started – and it’s an awesome one, packed with things to find – and special gifts along the way, as well as a bumper prize at the end.

Braving Dragons on the Quest!

Braving Dragons on the Quest!

You begin in the Cartographer’s Room, deep in the bowels of the main Grendel’s store. Here you will find books – one for each day – which tell the story and offer your initial clues.

Here is the opening message from the Cartographer:

Recently, Kobold Scouts came through and left bottles from their favorite types of cactus juice, and of course, Kobolds have a great sense of humor, so watch out, they have some unusual names for beverages!!  You are more likely to find a Fire bottle, near a fire or a flame, and so on as the days progress.  And the Kobolds may have used them as candle holders, water bottles, or dropped and broken some of them, so be on the lookout.

There are three kinds of bottles… Smashed, Misshapen and Complete.  Each day you will need Three Smashed, Two Misshapen and One Complete bottle to cash in for the prize tokens.

Each day, start here in my office, and touch the new item on my desk for the starting point of the quest, and perhaps, a hint or two.  Maybe.  Other hints will be offered along the way.

Pondering the Clues for the Quest

Pondering the Clues for the Quest

How to Play the Grendel’s Children 7th Birthday Game!
There are seven Elements, one for each year …

Sevenish collecting days …
Sunday 09/22/13 at 000:01 a.m SLT  *game on*
Sunday: Fire
Monday: Acid
Tuesday: Ice
Wednesday: Shadow
Thursday: Darkness
Friday: Lightning
Saturday: Earth

Collecting days will be extended a day or two after end of week, especially for things like total Internet breakdowns, SL issues, major power outages, and such – as needed.

Every day, a new and powerful dragon. With secrets!

Every day, a new and powerful dragon. With secrets!

Redemption days:
The Kobolds will sail in soon with a ship laden with goodies.  Hang on to your tokens. The list of what you need is below.

Prizes:  Yes, of course !! Wonderful things !!

Every day, visit the cartographer’s office on the lower level, across from Tutorials and just outside the Library.  Each day there will be a new object on the cartographer’s desk.  Touch that object, and it will tell you how to get started for that day.

Along the way, the cartographer’s notes will tell you a bit of history of Grendel’s Children and perhaps some of the secrets of the landscape.  Others you will find for yourself while you find a series of Vessels.

Collect Vessels
There are three types of Vessels you can collect, from the least value to the greatest they are named: Smashed #3 least value, Misshapens #2 middle value and Completes #1 most value of collectables.

Every day you need Three each Smashed, Two each Misshapens and One each Complete Vessel to trade with the Kobolds for Staff Prizes and the coveted “Pristine Vessel.”  A full set of “Pristine Vessels” will unlock the ultimate prize.

You may be sent off sim for certain items, suggested locations may be found in the kiosk near the entry.


Funding a nest with Toady

Funding a nest with Toady

I have only to add that some of the things are very easy to find, while others are extremely hard – to the point of being downright evil! There are some fabulous landscapes and settings – as you would expect – and a lot to make you laugh as well – this is a very fun quest!

Oh, and make sure to wear your backpack! If you discover a next of eggs and stand very close, your backpack will give you a special gift – just one of the little surprises to discover on the Quest!

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Happy Hunting has another great show – with a review of some of the fantastic gifts available on Hunts all around the grid.

The show features an onsite interview with our host Cinders Vale talking to AnneAlyce Maertens of the Greatest Love Group, who will be talking about her amazing When Pigs Fly Hunt – where designers are challenged to make something that they normally would not make or thought they could not make.

Rosamoo and Cinders talk about Hunts!

Rosamoo and Cinders talk about Hunts!

There is news from Rosamoo of Hunt SL of of all the amazing hunts and hunt items out there for you to find – and you can find the details of all the hunts discussed right here.

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Cinders and Rosamoo find awesome items from Hunts ...

Cinders and Rosamoo find awesome items from Hunts …

Join us in the treet.tv studios in Garden of Dreams at 3pm, Friday 31st May, with our host Cinders Vale and hunt reporter Rosamoo Mendelsohn of Hunt SL for another great show – featuring an onsite interview with Winona Wiefel and Reven Rosca of Prime Furniture, who are those awesome people behind the Whiz Hints, and now organising the Home and Garden Expo Hunt (which there is still time to catch).

Plus there will be news from Rosamoo of exciting hunts that are happening at present – and that will be coming up soon!

Cinders talks to Reven and Winona about the Home and Garden Expo Hunt

Cinders talks to Reven and Winona about the Home and Garden Expo Hunt

So join us at 3pm today in the studio for the broadcast. Bring along your hunter friends too. We will be glad to have you all join us for the show.

Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in at 3pm SLT on Friday for the live show on http://treet.tv/live or on the Vimeo channel – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the Treet.tv web site at http://treet.tv/shows/happy-hunting.

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The Streets of Lumenaria

The Streets of Lumenaria

I have a few last lovely pictures of the Fantasy Faire to post – like this view of Lumenaria. We saw a dragon boat flying over it yesterday … today we have a view from the ground.

Although most of those beautiful regions have gone now, swept away by the sand of time (and Linden Lab), one remains – and that is the Valley of Ish’nar where the Hunt is taking place!

If you were able to complete Part 1, wear the Hud you used then. The treasure chest icon on your Part 1 HUD must be open to get a free Part 2 HUD.

If you missed Part 1, you can purchase a Part 2 HUD with a donation to RFL of at least 150L  And the organisers are stressing that you should please READ your local chat when you attach the Part 2 HUD for instructions to activate it.

The Hunt was designed by Mad Pea, the story written by David Abbot, and the region itself was designed by Ryn Verwood – all three huge recommendations!

But first, let’s do a jigsaw!

Click to Mix and Solve

The Strreets of Lumenaria, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont


Catch up with your Prim Perfect jigsaws (showing images of Second Life and other virtual worlds).

If you’d like to submit a photo of your own to feature as a jigsaw, send it to the Prim Perfect Flickr Group. It should be sized 800w x 600h, or else it will need to be re-sized.

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