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Host and Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale brings us gifts from 3 hunts this week: The Chain Hunt, The Fly Away Hunt and the Beach Bum Hunt.

Watch the entire show here or check the Happy Hunting TV channel at YouTube.

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This week Cinders Vale, host and hunt reporter, brings gifts from a wide variety of hunts to the set of the latest episode.

Hotter Than Hell Hunt 2, Midsummer Night’s Dream 5 Hunt, Botanica’s Wonderland Maze and Artifact Hunt and The Young Gentleman’s Club are all represented on the set.

C&R 63

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There’s a terrific Hunt at the SL11B Community Celebration – and the MadMan can tell you all about it – and will (as long as you leave his donuts alone).


And it goes on till July 5th!




This is a BIG Hunt so big that it has 4 Trails: Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western. Check out the map at HUNT SL.

And keen hunters – be sure to take time to do the little hunt at the Happy Hunting resort and the Nano Hunt in the HUNT SL building.

How do I find out more about the SL11B Community Celebration?
You can find out more by following the official blog, and by following on Facebook and Twitter.

SL11BIG Hunt Trails Map v2.2There is also a Flickr page where you can paste your own images when the sims open. You make see some sneak images from the team before that so keep watching!

Or you can get the Guide – on the web or inworld.

Main site: http://slcommunitycelebration.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SLBCommunity
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SLBCommunityCelebration
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/sl11b/


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C&R #60

This week Happy Hunting’s Host and Hunt reporter Cinders Vale shows us gifts from 3 hunts: The Beautiful Day Hunt, Life’s A Beach Hunt and Outside the Box Hunt. From the small to the large, you are sure to see something you simply must have! Then Rosamoo Mendelsohn talks about July hunts accepting merchant applications now.


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cinders & rosa
This week Host and Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale presents gifts from the Hipsters Hunt and the enMESHed into Summer 2 Hunt this week’s Hunt Report segment of Happy Hunting. In the Hunt Buzz corner Rosamoo Mendelsohn talks about the SL jump into summer coming this month.

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Host and Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale explores the Fashionatic Hunt for the guys and the Fashionista Hunt for the gals in this week’s show.

In the Hunt Buzz corner Rosamoo Mendelsohn displays some of the hunt objects and gifts packaging that she has collected while on her hunt forays.


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This week Host and Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale brings you hat’s and more hats from the Triple Crown Hat Hunt. Then she gets you ready for a spring cleaning/redecorating spree with goodies from the Pillows & Things store hunt.

HH #56

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Host and Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale stops to smell a lot of flowers on this week’s show. She has scouted out the …Bring May Flowers Hunt as well as TipToe Through the Tulips Hunt and returned with many many flowers to share.

In the Hunt Buzz Rosamoo Mendelsohn reminds merchants of some of the up coming deadlines for June hunts.

C&R #55

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You can now see the First of our two shows about Fantasy Faire on the web.

In this special show we look at some of the events that will be taking place over the course of the Faire.

We talk to Elizabeth Tinsley, the Faire organiser, about plans for the event (which opened on May 1st and is now in full progress), and to David Abbot about Fantasy Faire radio, and the fabulous Hunt. We also hear from Amethyst Dovgal about the ballet, and from Samantha Ohrberg about the exciting photo contest – where the winning pictures will be included in a real life calendar that will let people really take the Faire home!

Hopes Horizon

Hopes Horizon

Finally we talk to some of the groups of roleplayers who have added a wealth of interactive stories to this year’s Faire! We’ll be meeting the Pirates of Blackwater Glen, the Rickety Weasels of Wigginstead Mooring and the NeoVictorians of Asperatus.

The Faire is coming to an end, but there is still time to visit today, another whole week to complete the amazing Hunt – and also time to enter the special photo contest and the short story/poetry competition.

Wiggenstead Mooring. photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

Wiggenstead Mooring. photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

And there will be another show about Fantasy Faire, looking at the fabulous builds, in next week’s episode of Designing Worlds.

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April showers have finally given us flowers and trees and the coming of spring in the northern hemisphere. Host and Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale brings forth gifts from the Catch the Blue Bunny Hunt and the Showers and Flowers Hunt.



In the Hunt Buzz Rosamoo Mendelsohn offers you the opportunity to sound off about your hunting pet peeves. Check out the Pet Peeve Submissions page at Happy Hunting and be heard.

C&R #54

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