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Waterfall on Oubliette

Waterfall on Oubliette

Join us today, Monday 17th February at 2pm at the Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams for a special viewing party for a belated Valentine’s Day treat as Designing Worlds takes a trip to the stunningly lovely regions of Oubliette and Ode.

We’ll be talking to Saiyge Lotus as we explore the gorgeous regions she has created, with Elizabeth Tinsley and other friends, and we’ll be seeing the Oubliette in different seasons too. There will even be the opportunity for Saffia to indulge her inner mermaid!

Beautiful Oubliette

Beautiful Oubliette

Or you can watch the show here on the web.

You can also see this episode on Treet.TV and on Aview.TV as part of their Designing Worlds pages.

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Season Two of The Blackened Mirror launches today, Sunday 1st December, at 2pm PST/SLT, 10pm GMT and 5pm EST.

Having left our heroes surrounded in their enemies’ lair at the the end of Season One, The Blackened Mirror returns with news of their fate. The season premiere finds private investigator Harland Quinn suffering the consequences of his earlier bravado and wondering not only what is to become of him, but also what has become of his companions, the enigmatic Alais Alleyn and her redoubtable factotum Mister Biggins.

Quinn faces up to his past - and his present

Quinn faces up to his past – and his present

This animated series, created in a virtual world, brings together elements of film noir, steampunk, classic Lovecraftian horror – and more in a standalone ten-minute show.

The first season took Quinn from his seedy office in 1930s America to a history that never was, and on to strange worlds as he awoke trouble from his past; trouble that hit him at home, trouble that forced him to face the evils of his youth. The means was Miss Alleyn’s: a strange device known as a Resonator that turns any mirror into a door across dimensions, enabling the possessor to travel wherever they may wish to go, leaving no more than scorched glass to mark their passing.

Mr Biggins discovers a Laboratory

Mr Biggins discovers a Laboratory

In season two we discover more of Quinn’s dark past and the origins of his chilling doppelganger, learn what becomes of the friends he left behind in Seraph City and see the price that comes with secret knowledge, leaving one of our heroes with a terrible choice that must be made…

Find out what happens next in Season Two of The Blackened Mirror!

If you are in Second Life, you can join us to watch and discuss the show at The Crescent Theater in Seraph City, The Designing Worlds studio on Garden of Dreams or at the Prim Perfect Head Offices on Pointe LaRue Isle.

You can also see the show on the web on the Treet.TV Blackened Mirror Channel, on The Blackened Mirror channel at Aview TV, on The Blackened Mirror YouTube Channel. It will also be shown live on Metaverse Week in Review!

Afterwards, there will be dancing and discussion at the Seraph Club in Seraph City, Second Life – and everyone is very welcome to join us!



Oh, and do make sure to keep watching until the very end – because there’s a real zinger in the tail!

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PP Office


Prim Perfect is not just a magazine. The organization also produces a number of shows such as Designing Worlds, The Blackened Mirror, Happy Hunting! , web comic The Quest for the Golden Prim, and more are on the horizon. There are also special projects and events throughout the year.

We are always looking for enthusiastic people to join our team (and not just because we’re becoming dangerously sleep-deprived). Specific opportunities for you to participate in the exciting (albeit occasionally insane) world of virtual media will appear as the need arises. You don’t need to wait for one however; just fill out the form we’ve provided with your interests and we’ll find a way to get you involved.

We have a new Page here on our blog called Job Opportunities. Please check it out – and visit it frequently. You never know what tantalizing role might pop-up!

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questlogo copyBack in the days of The Primgraph, we regularly featured the web comic The Quest for the Golden Prim. When the magazine closed, so too did the comic – it had completed its first volume, and had just started on a second.

Now, two years later, it’s back – and in an exciting new web format – complete with games that relate to each episode.

We launched it at Fantasy Faire – and now you can see the first two episodes of Volume 2 – here (Part 1 – After the Volcano)  and here (Part 2 – Still No Word of their Ship?) – and also look at the Games that go with them.

The opening of episode 2

The opening of episode 2

You can also catch up on the Archived Chapters of Volume 1 here.

And another episode will be out tomorrow.

(And why does Lady Copperhead see Ralph Montcalm’s face in the mirror?)


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We didn’t go in search of this fight.  It found us in the eyes of a loved one who was told, “you have cancer.” In the dark of night after hearing those words ourselves.  In the injustice of a sick child, the cruelty of lives ended too soon. Cancer creates nothing new, never had a kind thought. It never fell in love…But five years ago a miracle occurred.  We found each other.  And from that day on we have fought together.  Cancer fears US, and with good reason.  Because together we can finish this fight. – Zander Green, Fantasy Faire


In spite of the lag, in spite of asset servers, in spite the most unstable grid for a long time, Fantasy Faire 2013 raised a staggering 2 million Linden dollars in its first 25 hours. That’s about 8000 US dollars.

Ravenshard – photo by Beq Janus

Today we are passing through the region known as Ravenshard, where, Faireland lore would have it,  “beauty has lost its perfection to a collection of twisted shards reflecting the wondrously literalistic minds of Burton, Pratchett, and Dahl. The lands will be distinct. The shops anything but square, and some may even have feet! Be warned. It’s funky, it’s fun, and it’s anything but straight!”

Ravenshard – Photo by Beq Janus

As we enter the skies shift and pink clouds roll rapidly across the deep blue sky, we are greeted by candy floss trees and chocolate lakes. The path winds precariously through the brightly coloured landscape and the giggles of Tinies can be heard all around.

It is said that the Sheriffs in the ‘shard are the meanest of the bunch and not to be trifled with so we take care not to stray too far from the beaten track as we peruse the stores.  F*cking Ninjas, Epic , United InshCon, FuubutsuDou! kisetsu ,  Bentham Manor,  Fae Fantasy Creations, Simply Fae all of whom are featured vendors alongside Mayah Parc own Epic Toy Factory store.

Full details can be found on the Ravenshard directory page

Tomorrow we venture further afield and find ourselves at Fairelands junction




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Join us at 2pm SLT today, Monday 18th March, for our new episode of Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams.

In this closing episode of the season, the Designing Worlds team looks back at the past and forward to the future … and makes a very special announcement about a major forthcoming event in the Second Life calendar. With guests Diana Renoir, Marianne McCann and Honour McMillan.

So – come and join us at 2pm.

Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in at 2pm SLT on Monday for the live show on two special streams: http://bit.ly/102mcbe or http://youtu.be/POfi8sOZzvg (it will go live at 2pm SLT) – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the Treet.tv web site at http://treet.tv/shows/designingworlds – our very own version of the iPlayer!

P.S. Designing Worlds is taking its spring break – but we’ll be back at the end of April with some fantastic shows that will include Fantasy Faire, the Home and Garden Expo, Relay for Life weekend and … Something Else.

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The 1920s Berlin Project is famous for its strict rules on period dress and realistic avatars. For some this is a major obstacle preventing them from visiting. Today, for one day only, The 1920s Berlin project will open its doors to all comers.

The 1920s Berlin project recreates a Berlin from 1929, the last days of the Weimar heyday, depicting the tensions of a city and a country living in the shadow of the great war, political and social change and heading rapidly towards the unseen spectre of Nazi rule. The fastidious defence of its covenant is what allows it to keep that atmosphere, but as a result many Second Lifers who choose to only ever take non-human form or otherwise do not wish to alter their avatars, are unable to visit. Well today is your chance.

Frau Jo Yardley of The 1920s Berlin Project announced the following

As you of course know, Berlin has a dress code, we ask visitors to look realistic and authentic for the theme of our sim.
But a few days in the year we decide to relax these rules to give new people a chance to explore our sim even if they don’t feel like dressing up or changing their avatar.

On Relaxed Rules Day we will NOT be asking people to dress in the 1920s style and we will be welcoming unrealistic looking avatars such as furries, tinies, etc.
The only rules we will be enforcing are that we will not accept public nudity or Nazi related behaviour and dress.
Of course anyone bothering or harassing people will also be send home.

This may be a good day to show Berlin to your friends who have not been here before and may feel a bit intimidated by our rules or roleplay.

For this special day we’re also asking some of our tenants to open their front doors to the general public!
So you can have a look and see how people in our sim live!

For our tenants this is also a special day.
It can be a lot of fun to ‘let your hair down’ in this city and go a bit crazy.
We will allow flying on this day so you can see the city from a whole new angle, but you are will also not be locked up for doing things that are unrealistic or unauthentic.

As soon as Happy Hour is over we have a little surprise in store and something very weird will happen in the city…
If you already know what…. don’t spoil the surprise for others ;)

See you on the 30th!

Jo Yardley
The naughty niece of Hans Brinker….

The ’1920s Berlin Project’ is part of the virtual online world called ‘Second Life’.
You can visit this city by following this link;

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Welcome to the December SUYS event! This month’s theme is ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’. We’re going to celebrate December with gorgeous wintry white color schemes!

Our designers for this month’s SUYS are:

Apple Fall [SLurl]
BoatHouse [SLurl]
Cheeky Pea [SLurl]
Cleo Designs [SLurl]
Funky Junk [SLurl]
Insight Designs [SLurl]
La’Licious [SLurl]
LISP Bazaar [SLurl]
MudHoney [SLurl]
New Trails [SLurl]
Organica [SLurl]
Palais [SLurl]
Second Spaces [SLurl]
Starstruck [SLurl]
{what next} [SLurl]
Zigana [SLurl]

Remember – everything released for SUYS is just $150L or less, but only for this weekend!

You can see pics of all the SUYS items over on our Flickr page and be sure to join the in-world Spruce Up Your Space group to get the SUYS notices, LMs, etc!

This is our only SUYS weekend for December; it starts at 9AM SLT on Dec 15 and ends midnight SLT on Dec 16! This is also the last SUYS event — thank you all for your support over these last 3 years!! ♥ (Here’s a link to the closing announcement, in case you missed it.)

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Today we have a talkand a panel session at the Christmas Expo – both in the gorgeous Prim Perfect Pavilion. At 3pm, Cain Maven of Maven Homes will be talking about his beautiful homes, working with mesh and how we can best develop Second Life.

Meet Cain Maven

Meet Cain Maven

At 5pm, we have a trio of mesh-enthuusiastic designers to talk about their work (and, I suspect, other things as well!): Maxwell Graf of Rustica, Charlottle Bartlett of Scarlet Creative and Loz Hyde of Meshworx.

Meet Charlotte Bartlett, Maxwell Graf and Loz Hyde

Meet Charlotte Bartlett, Maxwell Graf and Loz Hyde

We have a full programme of talks coming up at the Expo – make sure that you don’t miss them!

Date Time Interviewee Topic Interviewer
Thursday, December 6th 3pm Heavenly Villa & Honey Lusch Home & Garden Market Village Saffia Widdershins
Friday, December 7th Happy Hunting! taping
Saturday, December 8th 3pm Auryn Beorn Scripting & education in Second Life Cinders Vale
5pm Isla Gealach Cheeky Pea and The Nest Saffia Widdershins
Sunday, December 9th 3pm Cain Maven Meshing about in Second Life Saffia Widdershins
5pm Maxwell Graf, Charlotte Bartlett and Loz Hyde Mesh creations Saffia Widdershins
Monday, December 10th 3pm Judy Chestnut Dwarfin Cinders Vale
Tuesday, December 11th 3pm Froukje Hoorenbeek Dutchie and working with mesh Saffia Widdershins
5pm AGrid Aftermath Fun with Pets – Yumi (tbc) Cinders Vale
Wednesday, December 12th 3pm Rosamoo Mendelsohn & Xia Nishi Hunting! Saffia Widdershins
5pm Jessii2009 Warrhol Nexgen Aviation & Tribute Cinders Vale
Thursday, December 13th 3pm Callie Cline Business in Second Life Saffia Widdershins
5pm DeeAnne Dufaux Builder’s Brewery and Park Place Cinders Vale
Friday, December 14th Happy Hunting! 3pm Happy Hunting! show (with an interview from the Expo, and the final episode in this season of The Blackened Mirror)
Saturday, December 15th 3pm Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch Strangelings Cinders Vale
5pm Mal Burns & Tara Yeats TV in the Metaverse Saffia Widdershins
Sunday, December 16th 3pm Heavenly Villa & Bill Kaye Centre for Business Development Saffia Widdershins
Monday, December 17th 3pm Honour Macmillan Blogging Second Life Saffia Widdershins
Tuesday, December 18thSaffia 3pm Edward Pearse Christmas Traditions Saffia Widdershins
Wednesday, December 19th 3pm PARTY!!! DJ’d by Victor Mornington

Come along and learn more at 3pm and 5pm SLT! And we don’t think we are too hard to find …

Christmas Expo 2012, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

Christmas Expo 2012, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

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Xmas Expo 2012 Square

Marking its 2nd year in SL, The 2012 Christmas Expo is coming to town!  In support of Relay For Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society, the Christmas Expo will open on December 6th, 2012 at 7am slt and will close on December 19th at 10pm slt.

photo by Judith Lefevre

A Christmas wonderland, spanning five SL regions, will set the scene for guests and shoppers, vendors and entertainers.  SL residents will be able to find Christmas gifts, find free ‘Naughty or Nice’ giveaway gifts being given out by every vendor, or visit Santa and have pictures taken.

Photo by Beq Janus

Residents can attend one of the many events:

  • The Avi Choice Awards – The Avi Choice Awards ~ the annual awards presentation recognizing the people and talent behind SL’s amazing creations, completely chosen and voted on by SL residents.
  • Race for the Bells!  An ALL NEW Xmas Expo Contest!!

Starting at the Xmas Expo, racers must find hidden Silver Bells in 25 locations across the grid!
This is a TIMED RACE. Once the 100L entry fee has been paid, the
time has started! A leaderboard at the Xmas Expo Sim will display the names of those with the fastest times.  The race will run throughout the ENTIRE TWO WEEKS of the Expo, with 10,000L on the line for first place!

  • Breedables One-Of-A-Kind Auction – One of a kind breedables, generously donated by participating breedable companies, will be auctioned off by The Breeders’ Borough’s own Cortez Brandriss on December 15th!
  • Auction/Raffle – Many amazing items will be available for auction and raffle from some of SL’s best creators. 100% of the proceeds from the Expo’s auctions and raffles will go to Relay For Life of Second Life.
  • Shopping – In addition to enjoying the many events, activities and features of the Christmas Expo, visitors can get a head start on their Christmas shopping at the more than 70 shops.
  • Live Music/DJ – Entertainment will feature many of SL’s top performers, singers, djs, and hosts throughtout the Expo. See the ‘entertainment schedule’ part of the website for dates and times.

Christmas Expo 2012′s design is generously provided by Harlequin Fhang. Harley’s talent, long appreciated by and featured prominently at the Breeders’ Borough, has also earned her resounding praise for the unique, spooky build at the 2012 Fright Night Expo.  We are grateful now as she brings that original, creative style to Christmas Expo. Harley’s holiday builds will provide phenomenal photo ops for those memory-making photos!

Copy and paste these SLURL’s into your local chat for a direct teleport to these wonderful winter sims in the expo!

Xmas Expo 1:
Xmas Expo 2:
Xmas Expo 3:
Xmas Expo 4:
Xmas Expo 5:

For more information, contact:

Eden Malik
Public Relations Coordinator

Nephelle Lanate
Christmas Expo Coordinator

Nikki Mathieson
Christmas Expo Coordinator

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