Quinn discovers a secret

Quinn discovers a secret

Well, we always knew that Miss Alleyn had secrets, didn’t we? But even Quinn is surprised when one is revealed in the final episode of this season of The Blackened Mirror!

Prisoners in the steampunk city of New Babbage, Harland Quinn, Alais Alleyn and Mr Biggins also face decisions that will shape their Quest – and their futures!

Watch Episode 2.6 – Decisions today to find out! The episode will be going live at 2pm Pacific time (SLT) and 10pm GMT.

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Quinn learns a secret

You can see the show on the web on the Treet.TV Blackened Mirror Channel, on The Blackened Mirror channel at Aview TV, on The Blackened Mirror YouTube Channel – and it will be shown on today’s Metaverse Week in Review!

But first do the jigsaw!

This is an old post … but I think it still explains why the residents of Linden Lab are so very passionate.

Wizardhat, photo by Wren Carling
Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,

RFL 2010, photo by Twisted Lemon
Enwrought with golden and silver light,

Insilico, photo by PJ Trenton
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths

Second Life Railways, photo by Wildstar Beaumont
Of night and light and the half-light,

Syrah Xue's Linden Home, photo by Raven Halaan
I would spread the cloths under your feet:

inis Caiseal
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;

The Merryman Arms in Babbage at RFL 2011. photo by Judith Lefevre
I have spread my dreams under your feet;

Calas Galadhon
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

Junkyard Blues, photo by Twisted Lemon

WB Yeats – The Cloths of Heaven

Images used:
Wizardhat, photo by Wren Carling
RFL 2010, photo by Twisted Lemon
Insilico, photo by PJ Trenton
Second Life Railways, photo by Wildstar Beaumont
Syrah Xue’s Linden Home, photo by Raven Halaan
Inis Caiseal, photo by GM Nickolaidis
The Merryman Arms in Babbage at RFL 2011, photo by Judith Lefevre
Calas Galadhon, photo by PJ Trenton
Junkyard Blues, photo by Twisted Lemon

Some of those places have gone now; some were intended for only a brief existence; some have been updated. Perhaps readers of this blog could suggest new locations to illustrate this poem.

OBR in SL Logo 2014

OBR in SL Logo 2014

There is still time to apply to be a volunteer at the One Billion Rising in Second Life event! You can fill in the form here. Volunteers can be any gender.

And there will be training. We are planning a series of training sessions over the next few days. They will be held at the Designing Worlds studio on Garden of Dreams, and should last about an hour each.

The times will be as follows:

10am Friday 7th
2pm Friday 7th
4pm Friday 7th
10am Saturday 8th
2pm Saturday 8th
4pm Saturday 8th
10am Sunday 9th
4pm Sunday 9th
10am Monday 10th
2pm Monday 10th
4pm Monday 10th

If you are unsure about applying to be a volunteer but would like to find out what is involved, coming along to one of the sessions and see whether you would enjoy it!

If you would really like to volunteer at this event but can’t make any of these times, please contact Saffia Widdershins.

In the Atelier - Candle Lit

In the Atelier – Candle Lit

I have been sharing pictures of Kayle Matzerath’s new Atelier Dream Scene for a few days, and today’s jigsaw is drawn from the same source, because I am still fascinated by the use he makes of materials.

Let’s take an example from one small corner – the one shown in the first picture.  The candle is burning, and it casts its light on the iron stove next to it, the iron pipe running above, the hanging on the ceiling and the floor. You will also notice changes in the light on the hanging as you more around the room – it’s very dynamic.

Blow out the candle – and the same scene is very different.

In the Atelier - Candle Unlit

In the Atelier – Candle Unlit

Now all the light is gone, not just from the candle, but from its reflections as well. There is still a little light on the curtain from the window, a faint effect of light from the room below. But all the reflected glow has likewise disappeared. I’m guessing that the whole thing is controlled by a script in the candle, but its beautifully done!

And here, for comparison, is the same shot with the Advanced Lighting Model turned off.  There’s still an effect of light and shade in, for example, the folds in the curtain but really, what a difference!

In the Atelier - without the Advanced Lighting Model

In the Atelier – without the Advanced Lighting Model

Anyway, enough of my being impressed by Kayle’s work and the new Advanced Lighting Model. Let’s do a jigsaw!

Click to Mix and Solve

Candle in the Atelier

Once again, the image has been lightened to work as a jigsaw.

OBR-Logo-2014The Music Schedule for One Billion Rising is now available on the website. A last few places remain, and we are talking to people about filling these slots.

Over the next few days, we’ll be publishing details of the DJs and Live Artists, as well as details of the Art Installations and Poetry Events too.

Once again, we are very grateful to Jan Juergens of Lusch Audio for providing the music streams for this event!

Over the next few days, we’ll be launching a special OBR goodie box with information and also treats for One Billion Rising!

Meet the OBR bears!

Meet the OBR bears!

And one of these treats is the very special One Billion Rising Bear, created by Sway Dench of Sway’s, which Saffia is holding in the picture. Look out for the bear’s big sister too (seen next to Saffia) – when you find it in our sponsors’ stores, there will be more information about One Billion Rising for Justice in Second Life!

There will also be gifts donated by our friends and sponsors at the One Billion Rising event itself.

Can you help us out on 14th February? There’s still time to volunteer – and a form to do it on!

News story submission form

News story submission form

This is your chance to submit news for Prim Perfect’s special gardens issue which will be out shortly – and at the moment we are looking for news stories to feature in our popular News from the Grid feature.

If you have a news story to share about your store or your sim, you can use the special Prim Perfect news service, to submit your news story directly to the magazine.

All you have to do is to go to www.primperfect.net/news_form.html and complete the simple form. If you want an image included, send it to primperfect@gmail.com.

To appear in our next edition, we must receive your news story by 12 noon SLT, Thursday 6th February, 2014.

The news story might also appear on this blog, especially if the story concerns, for example, the kind of time-defined event we like to cover – a special store promotion, or a charity concert.

So what are you waiting for? Send your news to us – and see it in print very soon!


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