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This week Hunt Reporter and Host Cinders Vale goes exploring along the Nile River. She shows off gifts from The Great Pyramid Hunt and the Old Egypt Hunt. And she dresses the part.

The Hunt Buzz buzzes about the latest MadPeas/Dwarfins hunt event, The Lost Mine.

C&R #52Happy Hunting to all!

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Hunt Reporter and Host Cinders Vale festoons the Happy Hunting set with blooms on this week’s show, bringing gifts from sin original’s Spring Has Sprung 2 Hunt and the A Mazing Easter Egg Hunt at Botanica.

The Hunt Buzz reminds hunters to remember the smaller store and sim hunts that will keep popping up unexpectedly right up until the next holiday has passed.

You can catch all of the past Happy Hunting shows in our archives. The 50th Anniversary gift is still awaiting your touch at the Garden of Dreams studio.

Cinder & rosa 51


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Join us for a special show.

Host Cinders Vale interviews Up4 Dawes about the annual Spring Fair and Umbrella Hunt on the Old Europe sim.

Then in honor of this major anniversary the people who put Happy Hunting together every week chat about how the show got started over coffee and cake.#1Be sure to get your Anniversary Gift from Happy Hunting. Click on the picture for a ride to the studio where you will find the FREE vendor.

Let’s Go Hunting!!

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Happy Hunting’s intrepid Hunt Reporter and Host, Cinders Vale, brings you lots of full perm gifts from the latest Flood Easter/Passover FP SPring Mesh Hunt. She managed to sniff out a basket of strawberries in ice, as well, while working through the Strawberry Kube Hunt. Check out the show right here:

Hunt Buzzer, Rosamoo Mendelsohn, gives thanks for all the wonderous folks who make hunts fabulous. Check out her tips for ways to give thanks of your own.


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Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale takes us on a trip under the sea, as well as egg hunting.

She shows off gifts from the Mysteries of the Sea Hunt and the Sweet Gift Egg Hunt.

Be sure to pick up your ballot while out hunting or on The Hunties page at either Happy Hunting! or at HuntSL.com.

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The latest edition of Happy Hunting! is now on the web.

Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale explores gifts from the Script My World Hunt and the Steam:the Hunt! IX on this week’s show.

merry go round of hats
Then Rosamoo Mendelsohn gives a March update about hunts accepting applications from merchants.

staff meeting

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Here is this week’s show, ready for you to watch. Don’t miss it!!

As you can see – this week’s show contains news of Steam: The Hunt – a very popular event on the Hunt calendar!

Rosa and Cinders

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Happy Hunting’s own Cinders Vale goes in search of big game on this week’s show. There are white dinosaurs to be found in the Dinosaurs Are Cute Hunt, and black kittens have gone into hiding in the I’m a Little Girl in a Dark World Hunt. Cinders bravely ferrets them all out!

Later in The Hunt Buzz Rosamoo Mendelsohn discusses a variety of hunt formats and previews a new one for an up coming hunt.

Thanks go out to Park Place Home Furnishings for providing the decor for February’s Hunt Buzz set.

Happy Hunting, everyone!

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Don’t miss this week’s show. You can watch it right here.

Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale explores the bounty from the Love Me Hunt by Pure Perfection and the Harambee Tribute to Love Hunt.

Cinders talks about Hunts!

Cinders talks about Hunts!

Rosa Mendelsohn chats about on line resources for Second Life hunters. She mentions Hunting SL, SL Freebie Hunters, Fabulously Free in SL, Teleport HUD, One Stop Hunt Spot, SL Hunts and her own Hunt SL.

The hunt buzz corner

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Welcome to 2014 and another season of Happy Hunting, the show for and about Second Life hunts. We are introducing a new format this year. The show will come to you every Friday, posted on our web site.

Cinders Vale brings you The Hunt Report and highlights gifts from the Bag It, Pack It, Clutch It Hunt, the Lazy Ladybug Full Perm Hunt and the Key to My Heart Hunt.

cinders and the hunt gift

Rosamoo gets comfortable in the new The Hunt Buzz corner with commentary. Each month the corner will feature furniture from a different merchant. Thank you to DeAnn Dufaux and Park Place Home Furnishings for our initial setting.

The hunt buzz corner

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