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Poster for the launch of the new magazinePrim Perfect will be a year old in May. During the last ten months, we’ve grown from 0 to 10,000 readers, and we’ve launched a TV show – Meta Makeover. Now we’re ready for our next big venture – a new magazine!

In collaboration with the Connolly Telegraph, we will shortly be launching a wholly new magazine with a very special twist.

This is one catering for the large number of people in Second Life who are interested and involved in the steampunk and historical recreation sims covering a period between 1740 and 1920 (that is, roughly speaking, the period covered by sims from Versailles to New Toulouse). It will be centred on the Independent State of Caledon, but it is hoped that all the other period sims will become involved and play a part too.

It will draw on the existing strengths of its partner founders; the news gathering skills and content experience of the Telegraph, and the design, production and features writing of Prim Perfect.

There will be a meeting to discuss the magazine, offering an opportunity for people to become involved, on Sunday 16th March, 2008 at 12 noon SLT in the Gaiety Theatre, Caledon Penanzance – and Persephone Gallindo, the owner of the Theatre has kindly offered not only its use for the occasion, but has also designed this quite stunning poster.

People wishful of advertising the event and wanting a copy or, indeed, wanting a copy just because it is beautiful, should either download it from Flickr or contact primperfect@gmail.com or IM Saffia Widdershins inworld.

See you at the meeting!

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Meta Makeover House - Episode 3This week, we took a beautiful beach home and as those three talented designers at The Loft3 (Colleen Desmoulins, Bethany Heart and Kingston Augustus) to make it over for us.

And, as you can see on the show – now available as a podcast from iTunes and here on the web – they did an absolutely fantastic job. Skate Foss, the home owner, tells us how pleased she is that her lovely home has now become a showcase, while Bethany Heart takes Saffia Widdershins on a guided tour of all the changes.

And we learn some fascinating things about Linden plants, where you can buy books and low prim plants for your home and also why it is so very important that your position your home so that it is aligned to the grid!

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