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Over the Rainbow sim overviewWe’ve have had a news release that looks like a fun competition!

There’s a week-long multi-vendor Treasure Hunt beginning on 17 March and continuing through to 23 March. It is an opportunity to explore the exceptionally beautiful Over The Rainbow sim, discover hidden unique gifts provided by talented builders, and relax!

All you have to do is find and take any of the numbered shamrocks to receive your gift.

The participating vendors are:
anna Touboff, Rainbow Dreams Emporium
Barnesworth Anubis, Barnesworth Anubis Pre-fab[ulous]Homes
Boudicca Amat, Oh!
Melatonin Hax and Apatia Hammerer, *Thimbles*
Nam Decuir, Asia Thai Mall
Patti Peregrine, Over The Rainbow
Trajan Hallard, ANTIKI-TAKI

Please note that there is a store called Over the Rainbow in DEE (sim) and a store called Rainbow Dreams Emporium in Over The Rainbow (sim). Both stores are participating in this hunt.

Please send questions and comments to Surreal Numbers.

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