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Issue 8 CoverHi everyone and welcome to the new issue of Prim Perfect!

We have a very exciting issue for you this month – with lots of beautiful images for you to gaze at – and this issue is packed full with useful information about Second Life.

Our sim of the month is beautiful, educational and inspirational: it’s the twin sims that make up the fascinating and very ambitious Al-Andalus project. You can read all about how this area has been created as an environment to recreate an age where Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together in harmony in historical Spain, and how the founders of al-Andalus and using this to further and promote cultural understanding in very exciting ways.

And you can admire the sheer staggering beauty of the place too!

Beauty of a different sort can be found in our landscape of the month – La Reve. This is the creation of the second Life artist Lash Xevius and it is replete with mystery, magic and puzzles as well as sculptures that will take your breath away.

We also have news on our new venture – the TV programme Meta Makeover, which we are producing in association with SLCN. In fact, our Reader’s Home of the Month is the house belonging to Motor Loon and Melody Regent that was made over in our second show – we bring you a detailed look at it!

We also take an indepth look at the very serious issue of IP theft – and what designers – and customers – can do to counter it.

We also look at issues raised in buying land and making a complaint in Second Life. And our Spring Quiz takes a peek into the hideous depths of our Inventories …

All this – plus our regular Treasure Hunt, News from the Grid, Charity News, Readers’ Letters … and more!

So how can I get Prim Perfect?
The magazine is online at: http://www.primperfect.net/mag/march_08.pdf in pdf format.

It is also available through SLExchange or OnRez (just search on either site for Prim Perfect). This will deliver you a copy in the form of a Thinc book that you can rez and read inworld.

Another inworld option is to buy from our inworld vendors (located at various stores). Sometimes we have had problems with these, but you can help! If you see a vendor still selling an earlier issue, contact primperfect@gmail.com, and we’ll send someone to update it.

February Treasure HuntIf you want a copy inworld, you can definitely get one from the vendors in Venice at our offices. And over the next few days, you’ll find them in more and more places.

Or you can have it delivered to you automatically each month as a Thinc Book, by joining the Prim Perfect Readers group inworld. It costs nothing to join and, apart from delivering the magazine each month, we won’t overload you with chat or messages!

In addition to delivering the Thinc Book version of the magazine, you’ll also get a link to the online pdf version of the magazine, so you’ll be able to access that too.

How to Join Prim Perfect Readers

  • Inworld, open Search.
  • Search Groups for Prim Perfect Readers.
  • Click to join

So … enjoy! And let us know what you think of our new edition!


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