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Poster for the launch of the new magazineYou may recall our recent post about the new magazine – catering for the large number of people in Second Life who are interested and involved in the steampunk and historical recreation sims covering a period between 1740 and 1920 (that is, roughly speaking, the period covered by sims from Versailles to New Toulouse).

It will be produced in association with the Connolly Telegraph – and that brings us to our first problem …

The magazine needs a name!

For the moment we have been calling it The Prim Telegraph – but we think our future readers can do better than that!

So we are launching a short competition to find the best possible name for the magazine.

Just tell us what you think the name should be …

Answers to primperfect@gmail.com by April 5th (include your choice and your avatar name) – and the winner gets a chance to rifle the Prim Perfect Prize Cupboard (a veritable treasure store of strange and delightful objects!)

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What rhymes with Orange?

Orange Blossom BallCommunity certainly rhymes with Orange in Second Life.

On Wednesday (26th March), Radio Riel hosted a very special ball on Orange Island 4.

Orange Island is a community of 4 sims owned by the British multimedia company, Orange, which has established a presence in Second Life to share, engage, and build community.

Orange Blossom BallOne of the ways Orange seeks to meet these goals is by holding events that enhance the lives of Second Life Residents.

Orange is also interested in exploring community development opportunities. You can learn more about Orange Island and their events at http://www.orange-island.com.

The ball was a traditional formal Victorian Ball with 11 dances and dance cards, with Victorian attire requested. Music and commentary was provided by Radio Riel – who also supplied the build.

Sometimes, beautiful builds can be achieved surprisingly quickly.

Orange Blossom BallThis one was glorious – an open air Victorian ballroom with a beautiful checkerered floor, a gallery, and romantoc gardens around, complete with gazebos and weeping willows. All this was constructed (by Gabrielle Riel, Edwina Heron and Roberto Viking) in the space of a couple of days – and it will be up for a little while, so you really should take the opportunity to see it while you can!

Certainly it inspired Paolo Bade, the Prim Perfect photographer, some of whose pictures of the event appear here.

More about the Orange Island projects will be coming shortly.

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