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Burning Life: The Gates Open

Group chatter on the various Burning Life groups was increasingly giddy in the run up to noon on October 17th. The countdown to the opening of Burning Life was on everyone’s mind. I myself was feeling the relief of having finally shipped Prim Perfect’s Guide to Burning Life 2009 to Saffia for distribution (with about two hours to spare). The results of weeks of brainstorming, building and training on the part of hundreds of Second Life burners were finally to bear fruit… and then the gates were open.

Burning Man 09 - The Gates Open

Performers opened up on all of the stages – Fire, Tokyo, Berlin and Center Camp. Art builds that had only been anticipated by enthusiasts were now crowded by them.

I chose to be at the Fire Stage for my personal Burning Life opening. Its description by performance head Doctor Gascoigne as a place of fire performance and drumming had intrigued me as having a uniquely Burning Man / Burning Life character. The opening performers, the ChangHigh Trinity Sisters, are renowned for providing a visually stunning and spiritual show, and so it proved to be.


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