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It’s a bit more relaxed on the playa the day after the gates open. The adrenalin has abated from the opening rush. Burners are hanging around and talking more, spending longer on the builds and the pace is more serene.

You also find out who on your friends list are burners. Yellow dots stand out like beacons on the mini map. I was using the Emerald viewer’s “mouse over the dot and get a name” abilities to see who was around.

So it was that once again I ended up hanging with Harper Beresford and CeeJay Writer, dancing at the Eridu Society Airship Outpost, by TriloByte Zansibar and blakopal Galicia. This is a terrific steam punk build with a tall spire and airship dock. This shot looks east across the playa and In the background of the shot, you can see the Burner’s Garden.

Burning Life 09 - Eridu Society Airship Outpost


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