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News story submission form

News story submission form

This is your chance to submit news for Prim Perfect’s Christmas and New Year issue which will be out next weekend – and at the moment we are looking for news stories to feature in our popular News from the Grid feature.

If you have a news story to share about your store or your sim, you can use the special Prim Perfect news service, to submit your news story directly to the magazine.

All you have to do is to go to www.primperfect.net/news_form.html and complete the simple form. If you want an image included, send it to primperfect@gmail.com.

To appear in our next edition, we must receive your news story by 12 noon SLT, Monday, 30th November.

The news story might also appear on this blog, especially if the story concerns, for example, the kind of time-defined event we like to cover – a special store promotion, or a charity concert.

So what are you waiting for? Send your news to us – and see it in print very soon!

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In an ongoing effort to bring more high quality live music to Second Life, Soliel Snook, owner of the sim Giverny, will bring the Swiss Duo of Tom Dowd and Françoise Pronguét to the Bistro Le Chat au Poil Touffu in Giverny on Saturday 28 November at noon pst (slt). This concert is to benefit Pancreatic Cancer Reasearch Fund UK.

‘I am very excited that we will be streaming Live Video of the concert coming from Switzerland as well as having the Avatars, Tom and Françoise, performing their music. This promises to be an extraordinary event that should not be missed, especially for those early music lovers, and lovers of pure sound and classical baroque music,” commentedSoliel Snook.

‘Second Life and the virtual world have created a new way to conceive and to present the music of the renaissance and baroque. The great composers of that age of light shall be reborn in the virtual world where the need for their purity of sound is greater than at any time since 1400,’ says Tom Dowd.



Giverny is modeled after the French village, home and garden of impressionist painter Claude Monet and features the Monet Garden, the village of Giverny with Shopping and of course the Bistro where the concert will be held.

Thom Dowd and Françoise Prongué will play Renaissance, Baroque and some Celtic pieces.

Those planning on attending are asked to arrive early to make sure your video adjustments are set and you are settled when the music begins.

Le Chat is located at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Giverny/194/156/27/?title=Le%20Chat&msg=Live%20Music

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Vodpod videos no longer available.more about “Join Designing Worlds for a Thanksgiv…“, posted with vodpod

This week, Saffia & Elrik were guests this week at a traditional turkey dinner party hosted by great friend PJ Trenton, well-known photographer and owner of the Exposure Art Gallery. You can now see the show on the web – here, and available in both standard and high quality. And you can also download the show from the iTunes store (just search on Designing Worlds) to watch at your leisure. You can even put it on your iPod to carry around with you (or watch at the gym!).

They were joined for the dinner party by Aisling Sinclair, the Designing World producer, Pamela Galli of La Galleria, the designer renowned for her special dining room and food delivery creations (and who created the wonderful meal we saw being cooked and eaten on on the show!) and Mavromichali Szondi, designer of Table Service Food Catering Services for Cafes and Restaurants. Mav had created a lovely restaurant in PJ’s walled garden – perhaps a new career as a restaurateur beckons for PJ …

In addition to learning about wining and dining in Second Life, we also had the chance to admire some of the fabulous art that PJ displays in his home, including works by Fuschia Nightfire, Rik Zwiers, Tricia Aferdita, Gracie Kendal, AM Radio, Konrad Jansma, and Terry Woodward.

And we definitely have some turkey sandwiches to finish up. And turkey vol au vents … turkey soup …

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From the Press Release we’ve received:

What is the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign?
The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign originating from the first Women’s Global Leadership Institute sponsored by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership in 1991. Participants chose the dates, November 25, International Day Against Violence Against Women and December 10, International Human Rights Day, in order to symbolically link violence against women and human rights and to emphasize that such violence is a violation of human rights. This 16-day period also highlights other significant dates including November 29, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, December 1, World AIDS Day, and December 6, which marks the Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre.

The 16 Days Campaign has been used as an organizing strategy by individuals and groups around the world to call for the elimination of all forms of violence against women by:

  • raising awareness about gender-based violence as a human rights issue at the local, national, regional and international levels
  • strengthening local work around violence against women
  • establishing a clear link between local and international work to end violence against women
  • providing a forum in which organizers can develop and share new and effective strategies
  • demonstrating the solidarity of women around the world organizing against violence against women
  • creating tools to pressure governments to implement promises made to eliminate violence against women

A coalition of social justice groups within Second Life will be marking the 16 days campaign here in SL by organising a series of discussions, presentations & exhibits highlighting violence against women internationally.

Topics will include: women fighting for peace in Israel & Palestine; the white ribbon campaign and men’s role in challenging male violence; anti slavery and trafficking in women; commercial sexual exploitation & the links between different forms of violence against women; rape and sexual violence as a human rights issue; the situation for women in Iran; femicides in Mexico; Amnesty International campaign on ending violence against women; and taking back the tech – representations of vaw in SL.

Please check the ning site for updates. http://slactivists.ning.com/

Artist Exhibition featuring some of the premiere women artists of SL offering these pieces for the 16 Days between November 25th and December 10th to view for contemplation, reflection, inspiration and empowerment.
Four Bridges Main Event Area

Wednesday November 25th
Four Bridges Mainstage
10AM SLT – Welcome address from Ledoof Constantineau Intro. to events from Siri Vita
10:15 AM SLT – Reading of selected poetry by Gwen Carillon
10:30 – 11:00 AM SLT – LIVE MUSIC – Jean Munro
11:00 AM SLT – Intro to Language of Pornography Exhibit by UndoneChaos Enoch

11:10 – Noon – Tour of Language of Pornography exhibit with Undone available at installation for questions.
Please note – a message from Undone:
This exhibit contains sexually explicit hate language.   If you are easily offended please do not enter the exhibit.  Additionally, if you are a victim of sexual trauma of ANY sort, my wish is not to cause more harm.
Some individuals entering may become upset, sick, or angry.  You may even end up angry at me, and I am OK with that.
The point is to take language commonly used in pornography or hate words and place these words in a different context.  This is done for one specific reason, to illustrate how words and phrases can be damaging.  Moreover, it is to illustrate how this language misrepresents women through a form of socially acceptable structural violence.
Most of those individuals who enter this exhibit would NOT ever use a slur against a repressed sub group of of any sort, but how many individuals condone the use of hard-core porn.  We label it “freedom of expression,”  then run in fear we might be infringing on someones rights by demanding respect.  It is somehow acceptable to do this in hard core pornography because it is viewed as “victimless;” however, if we take a minute to think about it, the victim is every female on the planet. When we allow hard core pornography into our grocery stores, gas stations, or our home, we are doing just that.  We are allowing violence towards women and incubating disrespect.
This exhibit is not a statement against nudity, sexuality, or what happens behind closed doors. This exhibit is also NOT about censorship.   It is a statement against open and profound hatred towards women in language and action.  It is about both men and women taking responsibility for language which hurts, stifles, and disintegrates the female image.
Upon entering the exhibit, please walk all the way to the end, reading the words as you go.  Then, turn around and walk back.  When you are brave enough to turn back and walk through is when you find a bit of peace.
Social Justice Blog

Noon to 1PM SLT – Discussion Group on The Language of Pornography faciliated by Undone Chaos Enoch at the Four Bridges Drum Circle

1PM to 2PM SLT -LIVE MUSIC: Truelie Telling
Four Bridges Mainstage

Afghan SL Peace at the Peace Park

3PM to 4PM SLT – any1 Gynoid Exhibit and discussion Elimination of Violence Against Women in Afghanistan􀀒
Afghan Peace Exhibit – Peace Park

4PM to 5PM SLT – The Gracie Kendal Project –
A conversation about the Avatar and Identity with Gracie Kendal http://graciekendal.wordpress.com/

5PM to 6PM SLT Opening of Ana Herzogs Exhibit on The Impact of War on Women
Casita Gaia Village – The Women’s Center

6PM – 7PM SLT – Please check website for updates

Thursday November 26th – THANKSGIVING IN THE US
NOON LIVE MUSIC Atheene Dononpa at the Imagine Nest

Friday November 27th
Alexjo Magic Discussion on Impact of Israeli Occupation on Palestinian Women
Four Bridges North – Actions Against the Israeli Apartheid Wall Exhibit

Saturday November 28th
10AM – Noon SLT Panel Discussion on Domestic Violence
Panelists: Paty Amiot, Alexjo Magic, UndoneChaos Enoch, Ledoof Constineau, millay Freschi
Location: Four Bridges Auditorium

Noon to 1PM – The Poetry of Medora Chevalier, Paulette Felisimo and Serene Bechir
Four Bridges Imagine Nest

1PM to 3PM SLT Panel Discussion on the Status of Women in Different Cultures Throughout the World
Panelists: Alexjo Magic (Israel/Palestine), millay Freschi (US), Nany Kayo (Native American), Paty Amiot (Hispanic Cultures), Alanagh Recreat (Africa), Ledoof Constantineau (UK)

3PM to 4PM – LIVE MUSIC – Cylindrain Rutabaga

4PM – 5PM – LIVE MUSIC – Ayila Onmura

5PM – 6PM – LIVE MUSIC – Idella Quandry

6PM – 7PM LIVE MUSIC – Shannon Oherlihy

Sunday November 29th
Noon SLT – Nany Kayo Presentation on Violence Against Native American Women
Virtual Native Lands – lm TBD

Monday November 30th
12:30PM SLT Amber from Equality now via Skype presentation
Forced Prostitution and Human Trafficking – Info also provided on vaw games in Japan

Tuesday December 1st
HOLD for Presentation on how AIDS is affecting women – WORLD AIDS DAY

Wednesday December 2nd
1PM SLT -Stop Porn Culture slideshow – Zoe Parness and Scylla Rhiandra – Four Bridges Auditorium

Thursday December 3rd
Noon SLT
Ana Herzog Presentation on The Impact of War on Women – Discussion
Casita Gaia Village – The Women’s Center

Friday December 4th
Four Bridges Waterfall
11AM SLT – Buffy Beale presents on Bridges – A group helping women at risk

Noon SLT – Meditation Workshop with Feminist Expedition

Saturday December 5th
8:30 AM FigBash Snook – Presentation

10AM SLT – 11AM SLT – Paty Amiot presents on Femincide in Mexico
Four Bridges Drum Circle

Sunday December 6th
1PM SLT – SLLU Feminist Network Meet and Greet
SLLU Feminist Network HQ

2PM SLT – millay Freschi on The Unique Power of the Feminine
Four Bridges Imagine Nest

Monday December 7th
josina Burgess: Exhibit of sculpture and photography Liberation of the Feminine Species. – Artist introduction followed immediately by
cathARTic – Open discussion on the power of art with SL women artists.

Tuesday December 8th
1PM to 1:30 SLT
Jenelle Levenque Presentation on Violence Against the Transgender community

Wednesday December 9th
millay Freschi on Women Activists at Risk
NOON SLT – Four Bridges Amnesty International Headquarters

Thursday December 10th
Into the Light Show at Imagine Nest Noon SLT

Celebration of the 61th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at An Li
~ Live Music below the *HIDDEN PEARL COVE*
~ Exploring the interactive Installation *CHAMBER of our HEART*
build by Paulette Felisimo & Gamma Infinity
Details and time shedules will be announced


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Dinner is served! Photo by PJ Trenton

Dinner is served! Photo by PJ Trenton

Join us today at 2pm in our studio in Northpoint for a Designing Worlds show with a difference! We’ve been invited to an early Thanksgiving Dinner at the beautiful home of PJ Trenton (Prim Perfect photographer, designer of The Quest for the Golden Prim, Exposure Art Gallery owner and art collector – amongst much, much more!). And we’ll be meeting fellow guests who include Pamela Galli of La Galleria, the designer renowned for her special dining room and food delivery creations, and Mavromichali Szondi, designer of Table Service Food Catering Services for Cafes and Restaurants.

Chez Peej: Photo by by PJ Trenton

Chez Peej: Photo by by PJ Trenton

Pamela will be explaining how we can incorporate food into our Second Lives to create opportunities for social gatherings – such as our Thanksgiving Dinner, while Mav will show how a restaurant can work as a shared social area and form an interesting (and beautiful) backdrop for events. And we think the lovely restaurant he’s created in PJ’s walled garden could become a fashionable trend – perhaps Chez PJ could become the Starbuck’s of the Grid! Then we adjourn to enjoy our turkey dinner.

Pj Trenton's Island Paradise

Pj Trenton's Island Paradise - Photo by PJ Trenton

The show starts at 2pm SLT, but you should be in our Northpoint studios by 1.30pm to make sure of getting a seat. Or you can watch on the Treet live stream. And there will be gifts for all those who attend in person. There may even be some Turkey sandwiches.

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V-Innovate: Roman Baths

V-Innovate: Roman Baths

In my post on the launch of Second Life’s Enterprise extension, I said that I assumed one of their motives for moving on it at this point was the fact that other business applications will shortly be coming online.  Soon fter that, we received news from one of the companies that sponsors the Designing Worlds show that they were launching their own web-based virtual world application, the ECO – Grid Business Meeting Solution, aimed at the business customer.

Their aim to to provide the first solution that combines security with a web browser based 3D persistent immersive environment, and believe that it is the first web browser based 3D persistent immersive environment solution that businesses will be able to use in a common web browser.

V-Innovate: Castle scenario

V-Innovate: Castle scenario

Their press release states:
The ECO-Grid Business Meeting Solution is currently supported in an Internet Explorer web browser version 6 and higher on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems.

Andrew Chapman (Avatar: AWM Mars), technical director of V-Innovate Limited, says: “V-Innovate Limited is one of the first companies that achieves the important next evolutionary step in virtual meeting solution through a web browser base. Only this will ensure ‘real’ hyper grid possibility as we already know it from the 2D solutions, such as websites or Web 2.0 solutions such as Twitter. With ECO – Grid Business Meeting solutions, businesses that have already experienced the power of security systems on their internet, as well as their intranet, will have no trouble or concern to step into the ECO – Grid Business Meeting Solution.

V-Innovate Limited has made sure that all standard security protocols and procedures have been actively adopted in the ECO – Grid Business Meeting Solution. We have even in some instances increased the security policies to the maximum currently available. These security measurements are in use by military organisations such as the British Army or the Royal Air Force. We are proud to have achieved such security protocol now for our ECO – Grid Business Meeting Solution customers.”

Not only security is on the mind of V-Innovate Limited. As Marcus Kretschmer (Avatar: Marc Montague) is mentioning: “V-Innovate Limited is offering to its  customer base the well known experience of a web meeting solution with the effect of the 3D persistent immersive environment, which will make sure that customers using V-Innovate Limited’s ECO – Grid Business Meeting Solution, have a relaxed and focused time inside the environment, which will show a very established meeting situation in which our customers feel right at home. Meetings are easy to book through the V-Innovate website http://www.v-innovate.com by a few mouse clicks. Each individual ECO – Grid Business Meeting Solutions participant will get an e-mail invitation into their personal e-mail inbox, which will carry all details to sign into the business meeting. By clicking the link in the e-mail, the ECO-Grid Business Meeting Solution starts its life in an Internet Explorer Browser. This will save time, cost and travelling between offices or even countries. I am very happy to advise that the ‘water cooler’ effect is still persistent in the ECO – Grid environment.  Customers will have and have already used the time after the meeting finished to stay in the ECO – Grid meeting space to discuss ‘off topic’ subjects that would mostly get lost in a purely 2D web meeting environment. This shows the powerful synergy between the easy to use web meeting solution and the power of the social network of a 3D persistent immersive environment.”

V-Innovate Limited’s ECO – Grid Business Meeting Solution can be currently experienced in the free demo trial. The visitor just needs to download a single one-time plug-in for their Internet Explorer Browser, which is conveniently available on the V-innovate Limited plug-in website. This plug-in website can be found in a very logical way. Once you have displayed the home page http://www.v-innovate.com, press the button “Try Our Demo World Today!” and the plug-in download page will be displayed. Choose the plug-in for the Internet Explorer web browser and install it. If at any instance the installation process should become interrupted the help website http://www.v-innovate.com/website/help/ contains explanations for the plug-in installation for the Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 using Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems.

If you would like more information about our release of the ECO-Grid Business Meeting Solution please contact Marcus Kretschmer (Avatar: Marc Montague in Second Life™) or Andrew Chapman (Avatar: AWM Mars in Second Life™). If you would like to arrange an interview with our directors please contact in SKYPE: pixie tungl (Avatar: Pixie Tungl in Second Life™).


With this tempting offer, Aisling Sincliar (Prim Perfect and Designing Worlds’ Advertising and Client Relations Manager) and Saffia Widdershins set out to explore this new world.

V-Innovate: Castle scenario

V-Innovate: Castle scenario

The demos at the moment offer a range of locations – some business based, and some more relaxed to encourage social interaction.  We ended up exploring two of the latter on our first visit – the Roman Baths and the Castle – and the pictures that accompany this article come from there (and were screenshots taken by Aisling).

The quality of the graphics was good – and particularly impressive was the use of light and shade, which included shadows that actually moved with avatars, giving a degree of verisimilitude greater than Second Life!  The avatars were chosen from a narrow range and do not as yet seem customisable – they are clearly not yet as well developed as the Second Life avatars, but were perfectly adequate.

More importantly, the plug-in was easy to download.  Aisling had hers up and running straight away; Saffia hit a snag – but the instructions had anticipated this and explained how to correct it (she just needed to download the latest graphics drivers).  After that, she was able to meet up with Aisling, travel between location, and share typed information.  The learning curve was not steep for anyone who uses Second Life, and the instructions were simply delivered and easy to follow.

In other words, although clearly in its early days, this is a fully functioning and easily usable system that delivers very good results via the web – specifically Internet Explorer.  This seems a very promising project, and we’ll be watching its growth and development with considerable interest.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Playing Designing Worlds :: Steelhead…“, posted with vodpod

This week, we visited the stunningly lovely sim of Steelhead Shanghai – and you can now see the show on the web – here, and available in both standard and high quality. And you can also download the show from the iTunes store (just search on Designing Worlds) to watch at your leisure. You can even put it on your iPod to carry around with you (or watch at the gym!).

The Steelhead area is part of those regions popularly known as the Steamlands which combine elements of a vintage lifestyle with a steampunk ethos. Steelhead, however, has a great deal of diversity and strong fantasy elements (after all, one of the owners and creative forces behind the region is a Moon Elf!).

Based on Oregon of the late nineteenth century, its latest area owes much to the influx of Chinese workers who travelled to Oregon to be part of the teams working on the great transcontinental railroads, and who subequently left their mark in the ‘Chinatowns’ of large American cities. Perhaps there are elements to of the pulp fiction of the times, where the mysterious Orient came into juxtaposition with the brash new West.

Join Saffia and Elrik as they explore this richly fascinating region, accompanied by the owners of Steelhead, TotalLunar Eclipse and Tensai Hira. There’s news of an exciting planned expansion for the Steelhead region. And we also meet Elegia Underwood, proprietress of the Dragonlands hotel, who introduces Elrik to some secrets deep in her cellars …

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