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2011 BoobieThon

2011 BoobieThon

The 4th Annual BoobieThon in Second Life starts this Saturday, October 1st (and in real life, so does the 10th Annual Blogger BoobieThon), both aimed at raising funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Over the years thousands of dollars have been raised in both worlds.

In Second Life, a week of interesting, fun, and, at times, irreverent affairs for you to enjoy as the Saving Second Base committee members educate about – and raise money for – breast cancer research and treatment. You are all invited to join as many events as possible!

Please note, that as the BoobieThon is a celebration of all things mammary, some of these events are marked as MATURE, and there is nudity in some of the art on display.

The current schedule of events follows:

October 1, 2011

October 2, 2011

  • Touche for Boobies – 12pm SLT, Winterfell En Garden
    An en garde tournament: 16 openings – entry fee is 1000L
    The winner will receive 1500L and a special trophy to commemorate the event!
  • Educational Salon – TBA (PG-13)
  • Art Auction and Designer Vendors continue

October 3, 2011

  • Burlesque for Breasts – 8pm SLT, La Casbah, Steelhead (Mature)
  • Art Auction and Designer Vendors continue
BoobieThon Art Auction Poster

BoobieThon Art Auction Poster

October 4, 2011

  • Shape Shifter Competition – 4pm SLT, The Hobo Theatre, Hobo Island (This should be a PG-13 event, but as with all things BoobieThon, it could become mature!)
  • Art Auction and Designer Vendors continue

October 5, 2011

October 6, 2011

  • Poetry Slam for Boobies – 5pm SLT, der Hut, Winterfell Absinthe (PG-13)
  • Art Auction and Designer Vendors continue
  • Art Auction closing party 6-8pm SLT at RoHaus
  • LAST BID for art auction will be taken at 8pm SLT

October 7, 2011

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Join us for a tour of the legendary place in Second Life where dragons live – the Isle of Wyrms. With the help of our guides – Orlith Nightfire, Skylarian Isachenko and Talarus Luan – we learn about the rich history and traditions of this very special place.

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A fantastic pair of mesh trousers from JANE, sans alpha layer.

Linden Labs seems to have made a decision on a JIRA which could seriously adversely affect the development of the mesh fashion industry in SL. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on my own blog call ‘Do You Mesh?’ in which I explored some of the ups and downs of mesh clothing. I wasn’t alone in blogging about this, we were all abuzz with it that week, but while I found some styles I thought incredibly cute, like many people, I was concerned about the fact that mesh doesn’t fit your avatar: you have to adjust your shape to fit mesh (see pic at left).

The solution content creators have adopted is to provide an alpha layer which hides your body, so your shape essentially becomes that of the clothing, which of course is formed by the designer (and they all offer different sizes – but that’s another can of worms you can read more about in my original post.)

Maxwell Graf, the talent behind Rustica (and who I have dubbed ‘the mesh pusher’ for his advocacy of this technology), created a JIRA which offered a solution for this problem. It requests a parametric deformation feature which would allow mesh to mould to your shape (that likely means something to many readers; I won’t begin to go into the technicals here, I’d botch it up). It is something that has apparently already been implemented in other grids like Blue Mars, and Max feels that it would be fairly straightforward for Linden Labs to do something similar. Not overnight of course, but in good time.

The JIRA has received a lot of support, and meanwhile, some of us have become tried and true mesh converts. Even though I have my own misgivings about the shape issue, I’ve been happy to support creators like Max and Janie Marlowe who are giving it a go, and I’ve have been running around for weeks as an early adopter – despite showing up at events and having people who still use the old viewer IM me ‘Rowan, do you know you have no body?’

Enjoying my stretchy mesh dress from JANE - dancing in it is a blast! Photo by PJ Trenton.

As such, it was incredibly disappointing to hear Max’s announcement on plurk that the JIRA, which had been under consideration, is now marked ‘someday/maybe’ – a pronouncement which to many means the idea is essentially dead (you can read about this in Max’s own words here). Does the Lab have an alternate solution? If so, let’s hear it.

I’d like to encourage everyone to go vote on that JIRA, watch it (as Saffia has explained, this is a very important aspect), and leave a comment! I also think it is worth considering whether mesh is a viable technology for the fashion industry until this is fixed. The fact that Linden Labs have not placed emphasis on making a tool that works with our chosen shapes says to me that they have a fundamental lack of understanding on the importance of avatar identity. Many of us have shapes that are very tied to our virtual selves, and have no desire to alter it for a pretty dress (although we’ve had to have a ‘reduced ass’ version of our body for the system skirt all along).

And if we aren’t buying… then the content creators will stop making… and the lucrative mesh upload fees they pay will fall by the wayside…

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We have long promised ourselves a visit to the fascinating and beautiful Isle of Wyrms region and today, Monday 26th September at 2pmSLT, we’re going to share with you our visit to this lovely place – and meet a range of its inhabitants!

Isle of Wyrms: Celebrating the Steam Dragon at the recent Fall Festival

Isle of Wyrms: Celebrating the Steam Dragon at the recent Fall Festival

Join us as we meet dragons, gryphons, hedgehogs and others – and discover more about the fascinating world of the Isle of Wyrms with the help of Orlith Nightfire (Elder Guardian), Skylarian Isachenko (Elder Artisan) and Talarus Luan (Celestial Dragon).

And to get you in the mood, here’s a little taster of what you can expect. They told us that the gryphons were great acrobatic flyers … and they took us for a hair-raising flight over the Isle of Wyrms to prove it!

Today, we will be having our viewing party in the cafe at the Prim Perfect headquarters – a fantastic build by Dijodi DuBratt. Do come and join us there at 2pm!

Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in at 2pm SLT on Monday for the live show on http://treet.tv/live – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the Treet.tv web site at http://treet.tv/shows/designingworlds.

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Prim Primfect No. 36: Cover

Prim Perfect No. 36: Cover

Welcome to the September issue of Prim Perfect—and this month we have a region of the month… and also a clear theme!

Usually we target a region in each issue—occasionally we choose a theme… but this month we are doing both! We are visiting the Blake Sea and exploring some of the regions around its borders which make up part of the United Sailing Sims. In the past we’ve visited The Galaxy (now moored close by) and the New England sims—this time we have looked at the Blake Sea and the area belonging primarily to MarkTwain White and Nber Medici. Ethan Westland met with them both and also enjoyed exploring the Blake Sea in general.

And Java Jetcity has compiled a list of places that you must see!

Prim Perfect No. 36: Sailing on the Blake Sea

Prim Perfect No. 36: Sailing on the Blake Sea

Our Designer of the Month is Isla Gealach, who took time off from her latest venture—the Nest—to construct a beautiful new home for Nber and MarkTwain and to talk to Rowan Derryth about her build, her designs generally and, of course, the Nest!

Further explorations in the Blake Sea had Linus Lacombe uncovering a nest of pirates, while Wildstar Beaumont met the doyenne of Second Life boatbuilders, Jacqueline Trudeau, and Tricia Aferdita explored our Landscape of the Month—the Greenhouse.

Prim Perfect No. 36: The Greenhouse

Prim Perfect No. 36: The Greenhouse

But there’s more to the Blake Sea than simply sailing: Jedburgh30 Dagger takes to the air and explores the entrancing possibilities of different craft—and some of the airports they can visit—while Ceejay Writer meets the SL Coast Guard and learns about their role in keeping the Second Life seas safe.

Prim Perfect No. 36: Taking to the Air in the Blake Sea

Prim Perfect No. 36: Taking to the Air in the Blake Sea

We’re also exploring Inworldz this month.

Prim Perfect No. 36: Inworldz Expo

Prim Perfect No. 36: Inworldz Expo

Beq Janus has explored to discover what changes have occurred since her visit over a year ago, and has also interviewed one of the people behind Inworldz—Elenia Lawrence.

In preparation for our setting up a store for our Trailblazers in Inworldz, one of our Trailblazers, Laetitia (Lottie) Aluveaux, has given an account of the first Home and Garden Expo to be held in Inworldz.

Our Pathfinders have been learning about store locations this month—and have been discussing the topic with Yelena Istmal of Noctis. You can read all about the meeting and about Yelena in an interview with Qwis Greenwood.

Prim Perfect No. 36: Pitsch's Place

Prim Perfect No. 36: Pitsch's Place

And budding designers might also like to read Pitsch Parx’s column offering some good solid advice on ways to avoid becoming an egotistical drama queen!

This month’s Linden Home is in the Oriental style and has been created by Nomade Zhao and Selvone Franizzi of Sel & Nom Creations. They’ve done an amazing amount with the 117 pims on offer in creating an interactive experience—with some interesting garden furniture too!

Once again, this month, we have free Prim Perfect gifts for you. Of course, gifts are only available in Second Life through our inworld Intellibook version, but below this, there are instructions for getting your Inworld copy!

In Charity News, Beq Janus supplies a roundup of the end of the 2011 Relay for Life of Second Life, while Tricia Aferdita sees what’s been happening at this year’s Artathon.

Prim Perfect No. 36: Boatbuilder Extraordinaire

Prim Perfect No. 36: Boatbuilder Extraordinaire

Then there’s a look at what is happening with the Designing Worlds and Metaverse Arts shows on treet.tv and news of some very exciting new projects that Prim Perfect is involved with which will see exciting new shows launching soon!

Prim Perfect No. 36: Designer of the Month - Isla Gealach

Prim Perfect No. 36: Designer of the Month - Isla Gealach

And there’s a new column from Froukje Hoorenbeck, looking at the amazing series of Designer’s Challenges as well as news of the most recent bargains from Spruce Up Your Space. And our team of talented photographers, led by PJ Trenton, Judith LeFevre, Tricia Aferdita, Wildstar Beaumont, Wren Carling, and Stephen Venkman, bring you some of the most artistic eye candy from across the metaverse!

All this with News from the Grid and more!


So how can I get Prim Perfect?

If you prefer to read the magazine online but not inworld, there are choices. Firstly, there’s the wonderful Calaméo system, which allows you to moves smoothly through the pages, giving you the feeling of reading a real magazine. You’ll find Issue 36 here – and please do leave a comment!

Prim Perfect No. 36: Sel and Nom's Linden Home

Prim Perfect No. 36: Sel and Nom's Linden Home

But, if you like to download your magazines to read as you commute to work, or in the bath, or wherever, you can also download a pdf of the magazine from Calameo – or print it out!.

It is available through SL Marketplace (just search on the site for Prim Perfect). This will deliver you a copy in the form of an Intellibook that you can rez and read inworld.

We also have subscribe-o-matic kiosks throughout Second Life (these are taking over from our older vendors) – so you can just click to subscribe. You’ll be sent a copy of the latest issue, and then you’ll receive your issues regularly!

Another inworld option is to buy from our inworld vendors (located at various stores). Sometimes we have had problems with these, but you can help! If you see a vendor still selling an earlier issue, contact primperfect@gmail.com, and we’ll send someone to update it.

Prim Perfect No. 36: Captain's Rest - our Home of the Month

Prim Perfect No. 36: Captain's Rest - our Home of the Month

Or you can have it delivered to you each month as an IntelliBook, by joining the Prim Perfect Readers group inworld. It costs nothing to join and, apart from delivering the magazine each month, we won’t overload you with chat or messages!

In addition to delivering the Intellibook version of the magazine, you’ll also get a link to the online Calaméo version of the magazine, so you’ll be able to access that too.

Prim Perfect No. 36: There Be Pirates

Prim Perfect No. 36: There Be Pirates

How to Join Prim Perfect Readers

  • Inworld, open Search.
  • Search Groups for Prim Perfect Readers.
  • Click to join

So … enjoy! And let us know what you think of our new edition!

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Welcome to part 2 of the September SUYS event! Our theme is ‘Back to School’! Classrooms and dorm rooms, pencils and books, blackboards and lockers – let’s get scholarly this month!

Our designers for this week’s SUYS are:

Ambiance [SLurl]
Art Dummy [SLurl]
Cheeky Pea [SLurl]
Insight Designs [SLurl]
LISP Bazaar [SLurl]
Made by Moo [SLurl]
MudHoney [SLurl]

Remember – everything released for SUYS is just $150L or less, but only for this weekend!

You can see pics of all the SUYS items over on our Flickr page and be sure to join the in-world Spruce Up Your Space group to get the SUYS notices, LMs, etc!

It officially starts at 9AM SLT this morning, September 24 – enjoy!

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To kick off the new season of Designing Worlds we take some time to check in on some old friends and find out what they have been up to since we called in last!

See for yourself what the latest projects are with Lorin Tone & Judi Newall,and then join us as we visit the Garden of Dreams’ beautiful forest with Kayle Matzerath And we get a preview of a brand new studio too!

If you would like to visit some of the places in this show …

Fortress of Beat at Lennox Hill – you will need to find the poster for this … and make sure you are wearing a flight assist when you tp up!

The fabulous chess bumper cars will be on display (and ready for use too!) at Burn2 – so watch out for more information!

Garden of Dreams Store – here you can find many of the beautiful plants and other features of Garden of Dreams on sale … and you can also test out the wonderful Dream Scenes skyboxes!

Garden of Dreams 2 – this is the central landing point for exploring this lovely sim – and you can see our new studio taking shape too!

Next week’s show (Monday 26th September at 2pmSLT) is coming from the Isle of Wyrms, where we’ll be meeting the dragons.  And the gryphons. And the hedgehogs …Make sure you don’t miss it!

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