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And that’s what we’ll be doing on today’s Designing Worlds show!

Mesh Discussion - picture by Texas Timtam

Mesh Discussion - picture by Texas Timtam

Join us at 2pm SLT today, Monday 17th October, for the broadcast of an important discussion show at our new studio in Garden of Dreams2. The topic is mesh, and the special project to develop improvements to mesh for Second Life and other virtual worlds.

That project – a crowd-sourcing initiative on the fundraising website indiegogo.com and reported first on this blog – has at this writing raised well over half of the funds necessary to achieve the project.

The Mesh Clothing Parametric Deformer Project , the idea of designer Maxwell Graf and developer Karl Stiefvater, shows a total of US$3,647 received so far toward the US$5,400 goal. Forty-nine days remain to complete the project’s funding – and amounts are coming in steadily as Second Life (and Open Sim) residents are getting behind the project.

The new Designing Worlds studio in Garden of Dreams 2

The new Designing Worlds studio in Garden of Dreams 2

You can find out all about this by watching today’s show, featuring a discussion with Maxwell Graf, well-known designer, owner of Rustica, and a strong supporter of mesh; Graham Dartmouth of Builders Brewery, the popular and highly regarded training centre; and Jusden Jonstone – Opensource Developer, who has worked both for Linden Lab and for Third Party Viewers.

There will be a chance after the show for an audience discussion on the issues raised.  Don’t miss it!

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