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At 2pm today, Metaverse Arts will air it’s latest episode; a tour of a few chapters of the artistic story known as The Path.

Overseer & The Inventor

The Path; a collaborative, immersive art installation; is the mastermind of virtual artist Bryn Oh. Based around the Exquisite Corpse concept sometimes used by Surrealists, eight artists added to the composition in a random sequence. Each one adds to the story and passes it on to the next artist, writing up a continuation of the narrative that continues until it reaches the eighth and final artist.

Marcus Inkpen

The installation tells a story featuring characters and surrealistic settings created some some of Second Life’s most inventive artists; including Bryn Oh, Colin Fizgig, Marcus Inkpen, Desdemona Enfield & Douglas Story, Maya Paris, Claudia222 Jewell, Scottius Polke and Rose Borchovski.

Desdemona & Douglas

For this episode we chatted with a few of the intrepid artists involved in this perilous tale and got a little bit of the story behind the story. We will visit with a devilish Colin Fizgig, get to know the hyperactive imagination of Marcus Inkpen, explore more sound and video magic from the minds of Desdemona Enfield and Douglas Store and eyeball some of the eerie work of Rose Borchovski.


Don’t miss this entertaining and creative tale and your chance to be among the first to see the first airing of this fun episode at the Labyrinth Theater set! See you there!


TA and Colin

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Second Names for Second Lives! Image designed by Toady Nakamura

Second Names for Second Lives! Image designed by Toady Nakamura

90 days / 1825 votes / 613 watchers and not a single Linden comment.

That’s the state of play with the Jira requesting the restoration of Second Names.

The comments – and there are a lot of comments – are thoughtful, angry and – in some cases – desperately sad; people wo feel like second class citizens.  People who find themselves burdened with improbable names that they never intended to be the name they would be known by.

Above all it’s filled with pleas for Second Names to come back.

If you haven’t registered already, now might be a good time to add your voice.

Second Names for Second Lives!

Second Names for Second Lives!

Or maybe not.  Because although this is the second most popular issue on the Jira, and although it’s shot to that place in 90 days while the issues in first and third places have been running for nearly four years(good grief), there has been no Linden response to this clear concern at all.

Not a “We’re looking at doing this.” Not a “We understand your concern but we can’t change this because … ” Nothing.

This does not augur well for a system that is meant to be a gold standard of communication between the Lab and residents.

Actually, the discovery of some Second Name portals still left open does suggest that the system could be changed back (although, after the link to one of them was given, and 4,000 people signed up hurriedly in a weekend, that was closed).  But could that be replicated on a larger scale? Are we stuck with Resident for all time whether we like it or not?  Can changes be made, or not?

Will Linden Lab please tell us?

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