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Happy Hunting!

Happy Hunting!

On Friday, March 2nd at 3pm PST (and SLT), join us for the broadcast of episode #8 of Happy Hunting! and the chance to see two exciting hunt creators in the treet.tv studio, on the Garden of Dreams sim.

On the show we have Evelyn Hartshon of Sleeping Koala, who has been organising The Unknown Hunts since August 2010. Her new Hunt is – the Fresh Unknown Hunt (which runs from March 1st – March 31st).

The Fresh Unknown Hunt

The Fresh Unknown Hunt

She’ll be talking about the theme behind the Unknown Hunts – which give people a chance to explore new stores and locations they may never have visited before. To do this, the stores that participate in a hunt will be ones that that opened during a specific time scale, usually a few months prior to the set hunt date, to give new stores a chance to reach out to the hunt community and find new fans.

And we’re also joined by Resje.Bailey of Fire Beach, of the Nature’s Hunts. The theme of her latest Hunt is Nature’s Hunt 3: My Wish is Music – 2 Year Anniversary Hunt – and it’s all about celebrations and music!

This is an extra festive hunt, running from 3rd – 31st March with Second Life live musicians offering a CD of their music as hunt gifts – and there will be live music concerts during the hunt at Fire Sim and Fire Bay! This is going to be a great way to hunt for unusual hunt gifts … and to discover some awesome musicians at the same time!

Don’t forget to watch the Where In The World Is MarkTwain Whitevideo segment. You will get to see the reveal from the last video, which will then lead into the current contest video. If you enjoy MarkTwain White’s videos, why not IM him inworld and let him know?

Frequency and Cinders on Set

Frequency and Cinders on the Happy Hunting! set during the filming of Show 6

Frequency Picnic, our intrepid Hunt News Reporter shows off some terrific hunt gifts – just so you, our viewers, can see just a little of what is out there in the various hunts going on right now.

Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in at 3pm SLT on Friday for the live show on http://treet.tv/live – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the Treet.tv web site at http://treet.tv/shows/happy-hunting.

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No to Second Names for Second Lives

No to Second Names for Second Lives

After several months of the fastest growing and one of most popular Jiras ever seen on Second Life, the campaign for the return of second names in Second Life has had a definitive answer from Linden Lab, in the form of a forum post from Rodvik Linden – Last Names Roundtable. Actually, Roundtable is a slight misnomer, as comments are disabled there – but interested parties are able to continue the discussion on the thread on Rodvik’s Profile thread.

I will say in passing that it does seem a little odd that attention is focused here, rather than on the much more detailed discussion that has been taking place on the Jira.  I’m not quite sure why that is … is it that the sheer length of the discussion on the Jira is off-putting?  Is is part of a Twitterisation of discourse that means there is a belief that anything worth saying can be said in a short paragraph?

Anyway, to the point.

The essence of Rodvik’s post is that Second Names won’t be returning.

The only concession to those people who argues strenuously for the return of Second Names is that the Lab will be introducing the possibility of having a dash or possibly other special characters that will allow residents to create something that is a closer approximation to the name they want – for example Fred-Williams as opposed to fredwilliams (or by now fredwilliams3006).

However, there doesn’t seem to be any help for people who have signed up with Resident names that they hate but are stick with. It looks as though they just have to create an alt to get the minimally improved names.

Seond Life names get a no!

Seond Life names get a no!

I think, on the discussion, Allegory Malaprop put it best, asking if it would really have been so hard to give newcomers the choice between a second name, OR coming in as resident.  As she points out, the continued existence of portals show that both systems are in fact operating in parallel.

Rather worrying, Rodvik talks of taking steps to remove places where the Resident name appears.  I am assuming by this he means not the actual virtual places like Clubs with announcement boards that see user names rather than display names, but the scripts that render these names in the announcement boards.  However, as many of these are resident-created objects, I’m not sure whether he’s proposing to remove the objects, break the scripts or … do something else.  Can something else be a possibility, scripters?

What makes this all the more sad is that, in his post, Rodvik acknowledges at some length the bonding created by last names, and the shared “frontier” spirit that older residents express.  He talks of looking into ways of trying to bring these back … and there will be more discussion on this, he promises.

But the comments in response to his announcement are, at the moment, largely just disappointed and sad – in a few cases bitter.  I must admit to feeling rather disappointed myself.  And worried – because his current suggestions for bringing back the earlier spirit – new mainland, better mainland, new Linden Homes … these are all predicated on residents spending money.  And at the moment, Second Life is not the shiny that people are spending money on.  Will a revitalised community spirit reverse this? It could – but in order to do that, the Lab needs to find ways of engaging people without asking them to spend money (that can come later).

And the Lab has just blown off one way that could have given a greater degree of engagement and building community – without costing residents money.

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alexx_003Artist Alexx Fenstalker will be unveiling a new art installation on Saturday, March 3rd at 7pm SLT. The work is installed at Gruntled Gallery on the Amicus Curiae sim in Avalon Town.

Alexx says that the inspiration for this work was the Chopin piece, Prelude 28 no. 4; adding “I wanted to create something that spoke to moments in time and how they can feel real in our memory and still be something that has passed.” The name, In Waiting, was inspired when she found that the mood of the installation struck her as what it feels like to wait for something, and how time seems to slow down while you wait, and then speed up and fly by once you get to it.

As in other works by Alexx, the textures of the installation are created in the physical world, using gouache paint. They are then scanned and reassembled in virtual reality. All aspects of the piece were created by the artist, including shapes, poses and animations.

alexx_002Various statues throughout the installation are actually poses that allow visitors to become a part of the work; waiting for their own moment in time, or running quickly through it.

The piece has the added aspects of music and video. Alexx has been learning to play the piano in real life and recorded her own version of Chopin’s Prelude 28, no. 4 that plays inside the installation. She filmed a machinima inside the work, which will show on the media stream on site as well.

As with much of Alexx’s work, the piece conveys more of an emotion or feeling than it tells a specific story. Visitors may find themselves anticipating their own moment in time or thinking about moments that have slipped past them.

In Waiting

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