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Today the talk in the gorgeous Prim Perfect Pavilion is at 3pm, when Saffia Widdershins will be talking to Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie.

Meet Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie

Meet Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie

Froukje has been working hard to create some spectacular mesh furniture – and she’ll be showing off some of her latest work as she is meticulously creating the furniture that will fill an entire mesh home. Her work is quite stunning – and this will be a great opportunity to learn some of her secrets!


We have a full programme of talks coming up at the Expo – make sure that you don’t miss them!

Date Time Interviewee Topic Interviewer
Thursday, December 6th 3pm Heavenly Villa & Honey Lusch Home & Garden Market Village Saffia Widdershins
Friday, December 7th Happy Hunting! taping
Saturday, December 8th 3pm Auryn Beorn Scripting & education in Second Life Cinders Vale
5pm Isla Gealach Cheeky Pea and The Nest Saffia Widdershins
Sunday, December 9th 3pm Cain Maven Meshing about in Second Life Saffia Widdershins
5pm Maxwell Graf, Charlotte Bartlett and Loz Hyde Mesh creations Saffia Widdershins
Monday, December 10th 3pm Judy Chestnut Dwarfin Cinders Vale
Tuesday, December 11th 3pm Froukje Hoorenbeek Dutchie and working with mesh Saffia Widdershins
Wednesday, December 12th 3pm Rosamoo Mendelsohn & Xia Nishi Hunting! Saffia Widdershins
5pm Jessii2009 Warrhol Nexgen Aviation & Tribute Cinders Vale
Thursday, December 13th 3pm Callie Cline Business in Second Life Saffia Widdershins
5pm DeeAnne Dufaux Builder’s Brewery and Park Place Cinders Vale
Friday, December 14th Happy Hunting! 3pm Happy Hunting! show (with an interview from the Expo, and the final episode in this season of The Blackened Mirror)
Saturday, December 15th 3pm Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch Strangelings Cinders Vale
5pm Mal Burns & Tara Yeats TV in the Metaverse Saffia Widdershins
Sunday, December 16th 3pm Heavenly Villa & Bill Kaye Centre for Business Development Saffia Widdershins
Monday, December 17th 3pm Honour Macmillan Blogging Second Life Saffia Widdershins
Tuesday, December 18thSaffia 3pm Edward Pearse Christmas Traditions Saffia Widdershins
Wednesday, December 19th 3pm PARTY!!! DJ’d by Victor Mornington

Come along and learn more at 3pm and 5pm SLT! And we don’t think we are too hard to find …

Christmas Expo 2012, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

Christmas Expo 2012, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

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Music Box Exhibition at Shekhawati

Music Box Exhibition at Shekhawati

Today’s jigsaw comes from an enchanting winter landscape in Shekhawati that has a very special display – of music boxes and Christmas gifts!

After the successful Art of Protest contest at the Art India Gallery in Shekhawati, the Gallery is now presenting an exhibition that fits the Christmas time and which will also provide an auction and sale to support SOS Children India.

Thanks to Trill Zapatero, the exhibtion is set a beautiful, dreamy landscape which invites any visitor to skate (you will find free skaters at the landing spot and can use them to explore the huge exhibtion). 25 Second Life artists have contributed sometimes more than one work. Quan Lavender, the curator, says: “We are a little bit proud of the list of contributing artists,” and it’s not surprising when these include: Arduenn Schwartzman, Betty Tureaud, Bryn Oh, Eliza Wierwight ,chefkoch, Eupalinos Ugajin, Giovanna Cerise, Igor Ballyhoo, Josiane Sorciere,  Kicca Igaly, Linus Humphreys, Lorin Tone, Melusina Parkin, Pallina60 Loon,  Pol Jarvinen, SaveMe Oh, Secret Rage, Shari Davies, Sir Real, Rebeca Bashly, Rose Borchovski/Caer  Balogh,  Trill Zapatero and Ub Yifu.

Almost all works are no copy/ trans so that the music boxes are available as gifts. The variety of ideas and styles is amazing: from classic to modern, from poetic to funny. The majority of music boxes are on sale with prices starting from 10 to 1.000 Linden. Some of the works are on auction, and this will run until Dec. 22nd, to have them for Christmas. The entire exhibition runs until Jan. 22nd.

But before you head over there, let’s do a jigsaw! Just for a change, it’s a tri-dove pattern.

Click to Mix and Solve

Music Box Exhibition at Shekhawati to raise money for SOS Children India


Catch up with your Prim Perfect jigsaws (showing images of Second Life and other virtual worlds).

If you’d like to submit a photo of your own to feature as a jigsaw, send it to the Prim Perfect Flickr Group. It should be sized 800w x 600h, or else it will need to be re-sized.

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News story submission formThis is your chance to submit news for Prim Perfect’s summer issue, which will be out shortly – and at the moment we are looking for news stories to feature in our popular News from the Grid feature.

If you have a news story to share about your store or your sim, you can use the special Prim Perfect news service, to submit your news story directly to the magazine.

All you have to do is to go to www.primperfect.net/news_form.html and complete the simple form. If you want an image included, send it to primperfect@gmail.com.

To appear in our next edition, we must receive your news story by 1 am SLT, Saturday 15th December, 2012.

The news story may also appear on this blog, especially if the story concerns, for example, the kind of time-defined event we like to cover – a special store promotion, or a charity concert.

So what are you waiting for? Send your news to us – and see it in print very soon!

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