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Fuschia Nightfire's invisible avatar

Fuschia Nightfire’s invisible avatar

In addition to the opening of Rose Borchovski’s ‘The Arrival’ – which Rowan Derryth wrote about here yesterday – today also sees the launch of a new installation by Fuschia Nightfire – Winter Outlined, which sounds exciting … and rather fun.

I received this notice about it:

Gallery Graine’s Sculpture Garden is proud to announce the grand opening of Winter Outlined by Fuschia Nightfire, a sculptural ‘sketch’ of a winter scene, with an interesting use of invisible prims. This is an interactive installation, with a free outline avatar that you can wear to skate on the frozen water alongside the sculptured figures. Come and meet Fuschia and skate to the music of Whirli Placebo this Saturday January 12 from 12-2 PM SLT!

Winter Outlined poster

Winter Outlined poster

I ran into (and very nearly through) Fuschia herself a few days ago at Eliza’s Wierwight’s beautiful Patron. She was testing out the special invisible avatars – I was awestruck and couldn’t resist taking a few pictures which had fascinating effects on the land behind too …

This is, of course. part of a long and fascinating exploration that Fuschia has been carrying into identity.  We visited her beautiful black and white installation in Inworldz for the Designing Worlds. And now … being invisible is promising to be a lot of fun (and possibly a little chilly … You might even say downright crazy …

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Fuschia Nightfire’s invisible avatar at Patron


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