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Join us at 2pm SLT today, Monday 21st January, for the first show in our current season of Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams as we tackle an important issue that is affecting a growing number of businesses within Second Life – griefing used to run an extortion racket.

The guests with Saffia and Elrik

The guests with Saffia and Elrik

The griefing issue was tackled in a number of blogs – including Prim Perfect (When will we get to grips with griefing?), and we decided to follow up some of the stories we heard as a result on that.

We’ll be talking to Kiff Clutterbuck and Dina Petty, the owners of Junkyard Blues – whose notecard to group members about the extortion they were facing triggered a widespread concern; to Frolic Mills, of Best of Second Life, who encountered a particularly appalling griefer who attacked (and continues to attack) the fashion industry; to Robert Galland, owner of Galland Homes, Member of the Second Life Bar Association and real life attorney, who gives a legal perspective of what has been happening,; and to Rails Bailey, volunteer mentor and head of security at events like SL9B, who talks about ongoing security problems in Second Life.

Junkyard Blues, site of griefing attacks

Junkyard Blues, site of griefing attacks

This is a very important show – so make sure that you don’t miss it! Do come and join us at 2pm!

Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in at 2pm SLT on Monday for the live show on http://treet.tv/live – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the Treet.tv web site at http://treet.tv/shows/designingworlds – our very own version of the iPlayer!

Our guests on the show: from left to right - Rails Bailey, Robert Galland, Frolic Mills, Fina Petty and Kiff Clutterbuck

Our guests on the show: from left to right – Rails Bailey, Robert Galland, Frolic Mills, Dina Petty and Kiff Clutterbuck

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Junkyard Blues

Junkyard Blues

Today’s jigsaw forms an interesting link between yesterday’s blogpost and today’s Designing Worlds show.

The image is from Junkyard Blues, that great blues venue where you can hear awesome music and dance the night away (whatever timezone you are in). So there’s a link with our plans for a huge dance party to celebrate One Billion Rising.

However, sadly, Junkyard Blues has recently been the target of some particularly vicious griefing attacks, which have been carried out by people who have tried to extort money. A protection racket, in other words. I blogged about that – as did many other fantastic bloggers. Now Kiff Clutterbuck and Dina Perry, owners of Junkyard Blues, will be on today’s Designing Worlds show to talk about their experiences – along with other guests.

There’ll be more details about the show later today, so watch this space!

In the meantime, let’s do a jigsaw!

Click to Mix and Solve

Junkyard Blues, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont


Catch up with your Prim Perfect jigsaws (showing images of Second Life and other virtual worlds).

If you’d like to submit a photo of your own to feature as a jigsaw, send it to the Prim Perfect Flickr Group. It should be sized 800w x 600h, or else it will need to be re-sized.

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