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Inworldz welcomes SXSW

Inworldz welcomes SXSW

SXSW will be in InWorldz – from March 8th – 10th in 49 regions.

SXSW stands for South By Southwest and is a real life Conference of Technology, Music & Film which runs in Austin Texas annually – this year from March 8th – March 10th 2013.  They have a website you can visit here:  http://sxsw.com/

InWorldz Creators, Artists & Educators have composed a 49 sim display, sponsored by the founders of InWorldz, containing some featured builds from within their grid and are inviting visitors to the Coference to take some time to see them all, and return afterwards to become a part of Inworldz!

The Main sims and themes:
Sim A – Education
Sim B – Arts & Literature
Sim C – Entertainment
Sim D – Technology
Sim E – Physics
Sim F – Fantasy & Roleplay
Sim G – Transportation
Sim H – The Harbor- Boating & Nature

These 8 main featured sims will be part of a 49 sim block, many of which are scenic backdrops and “crossing sims” where vehicles will take you from one main sim to another.

Additionally they will be featuring some special builds in some of the surrounding sims as well.

These include Replicant City, Alchemy, Wizard Gynoid’s Temple of Sacred Geometry & E8 Polytope, a Mer Cove surrounding the Roleplay & Fantasy sim and a few backdrops from artistic creators. There are musical events happening from 8 am to 10 pm all 3 days with Live Performers, Djs and even Belly Dancing!

This event has so much to do and explore, to learn and to interact with. Of course the InWorldz grid is much larger, but they hope visitors walk away with a good sense that the  grid houses many wonderful things beyond what they see at the Conference.


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