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Now available on the web – our latest episode, as we take several peeks behind the scenes at how the event One Billion Rising in Second Life was created – and how the music video “Break the Chain” was created in Second Life as well!

Find out about Second Life residents’ contribution to the international campaign to raise awareness about violence against women, and the resulting 24-hour event on February 14, 2013. Hosts Saffia and Elrik find out about the event One Billion Rising in Second Life, and how the in-world version of the music video “Break the Chain” was created.

We’re joined by just some of the many people who played a part in creating the event and the video that accompanied it – and have a chance to see both the video, and some of the fantastic art works that formed part of the event too.

The Stage at One Billion Rising, photographed by Honour McMillan

The Stage at One Billion Rising, photographed by Honour McMillan

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Relay for Life Kickoff

Relay for Life Kickoff

Relay for Life 2013 starts today with a four hour celebrations party in the special Relay for Life Kick Off sims: RFL Kickoff 1, RFL Kickoff  2, RFL Kickoff  3 and RFL Kickoff 4.

The 2013 Relay For Life of Second Life theme matches that of the American Cancer Society’s 2013 campaign: Celebrating 100 Years of Hope.  Come celebrate the launch of our fundraising season on Mar.9th at the 10 am SLT kick-off Celebration!

So come and join in – and then maybe later take a look at Fashion for Life too!

The Kickoff Party is starting ...

The Kickoff Party is starting …


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Yooma Mayo’s previous LEA work ‘Dreaming Machine’. Yooma is one of a handful of returning artists this round.

The LEA is pleased to announce the fourth round of Artists-in-Residence, who will receive a full sim for six months on which to create and display their proposed projects:

Aequitas (Artist Collective)
Ambi bimbogami

Betty Turead
Cica Ghost
Ginger Lorakeet
Jack Mondegreen
Johnas Merlin
Mac Kanashimi
Mantis Oh
Marx Catteneo/Krakassus Jigsaw
Morlita Quan and Noke Yuitza
Newbab Zsigmond
Ole Etzel
Seraph Kegel
Sniper Siemens
Solkide Auer
uan ceriaptrix
Vaneeesa Blaylock
Yooma Mayo

The LEA received nearly 50 high-quality applications, and it was a difficult decision, but those selected submitted truly outstanding proposals that represent a diverse range of virtual art. While a handful are artists returning for a second round, the majority will be exhibiting at the LEA for the first time. Projects range from full-sim immersions, to innovative builds geared specifically for multimedia works such as sound and machinima projects.

Artists will have up to four months to build their projects (though many have suggested they will be completed sooner), with all exhibits set to be open by mid-June. Many will likely open sooner, though, so keep an eye on this blog for announcements of exhibit openings and related special events.

The previous three rounds of LEA land grant artists-in-residence have resulted in some truly exceptional works, and we anticipate this next group to be just as fantastic. Congratulations to all the artists, we can’t wait to see your vision!

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