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Water Reserve

Today’s jigsaw is another from the wonderful blog of our deputy editor, Honour MacMillan – Honour’s Post Menopausal (View of Second Life). This image is taken from a recent (and hilarious) post – “Ignoring My Testosterone-Challenged Real World Issues in Second Life“. The images are taken from Water Reserve – recently (and gorgeously) made ready for winter.

This sim was also recently visited by Inara Pey, writer of another wonderful blog – Living in a Modem World – which recently was chosen by New World Notes as its readers favourite blog. Honour’s was also honourably mentioned there too. So a sim chosen by both of both of them is well worth a jigsaw as a way opf saying “Congratulations!”, don’t you think?

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Water Reserve, photographed by Honour MacMillan


Catch up with your Prim Perfect jigsaws (showing images of Second Life and other virtual worlds).

If you’d like to submit a photo of your own to feature as a jigsaw, send it to the Prim Perfect Flickr Group. It should be sized 800w x 600h, or else it will need to be re-sized.

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Do you love us?

Spread of all five issues of Prim PerfectDo you read the blog regularly?  Or even just every now and then, when you remember, or when Second Life itself is down?

If you do, why not add us to your blog roll?  It’s like word of mouth – a lot of people seem to find us by reading other people’s blogs, and then looking to see what we have to offer.

And we hope to offer them a really good read!

But this works two ways.  If you’ve linked to our blog, we’re happy to reciprocate.  Just write to us at primperfect@gmail.com and let us know who you are, and we’ll return the compliment.  If you’re a designer, we’ll add you to our special Desingers’ Sites section.  And if you’re any other sort of blog, we’ll add you to the blogroll.

Let’s help each other!

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