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Avatar Choice Award Venue

Avatar Choice Award Venue

Today’s jigsaw shows am empty hall, decorated for Christmas, but in a few hours, this will be filled with avatars attending the annual Avatar Choice Awards. These were postponed from Friday, and will be starting at 10am SLT today, Sunday 16th December.

One of the highlights of the SL Christmas Expo, this year they will be followed by the Holidays of Hope Ball (or you could come to the Prim Perfect talk at 3pm too!).

Aavtar Choice Invite Poster

Aavtar Choice Invite Poster

If you can’t get into the sims, the Avies will be streamed live on the web from 10am – 12 noon and then again (after Metaverse Week in Review) from 2pm on Metaworld Broadcasting. You’ll be able to watch via the following websites:

You will also be able to listen to the entire ceremony on T1 Radio at:  http://www.t1radio.com/

But now – let’s do a jigsaw!

Click to Mix and Solve

Avatar Choice Awards Auditorium


Catch up with your Prim Perfect jigsaws (showing images of Second Life and other virtual worlds).

If you’d like to submit a photo of your own to feature as a jigsaw, send it to the Prim Perfect Flickr Group. It should be sized 800w x 600h, or else it will need to be re-sized.

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The entrance to the Galaxy

The Galaxy continues to be open to guests

And I’m holding in my hot little hand the official announcement!

Dear Galaxy Community,
It was recently announced, the SS Galaxy has been hit by a economic downturn and has not been able to sustain itself and due to close at the end of the month.

Well I have very good news.  The SS Galaxy will NOT close! 🙂  A benefactor has agreed to take over the tier of the Galaxy.  This new owner has assured me there will be little change in the day to day operations of the Galaxy.  He is only interested in saving the ship from closure, not administrative duties.  But Bill Stirling will take on less of a administrative role, returning to Sag building projects that have been put on hold due to lack of time.  However, he shall still be around with building and doing future modifications to the Galaxy.

I shall stay on as Managing Director and most of the current staff will remain as well.  A new dawn has come to the Galaxy!

DBDigital Epsilon
Managing Director, SS Galaxy

We’ll see you for dinner and dance in the Zodiac ballroom then – or maybe for sushi at the Japanese restaurant.

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The glorious Galaxy

The glorious Galaxy

Rumour from a reliable source has reached us that the Galaxy – the fabulous three sim long cruise ship created by Bill Stirling – may have found a buyer.

You may recall that howls went up around the grid – and on various forums at SLU Universe and XStreetSL, for example- when it was announced at the weekend that if no buyer could be found, the Galaxy would have to be deleted and the sims sold.  And rightly too, for the Galaxy is a Second Life icon.

But now there is a rumopur that such a buyer has come forward and, moreover, that a plan is being formulated that would see not only the ship survive, but that would keep the crew in place too.

All us here are keeping our fingers crossed that the rumour will prove true – and wish good luck to Bill Stirling, the captain, the crew and the putative new owner!

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The glorious Galaxy

The glorious Galaxy

We’ve just received a very sad message from Second Life.

The Galaxy, one of the great builds of the Second Life World, is being closed and deleted from the Second Life grid from March 1st.

The effect of the world econimic downturn is having an effect inworld too, and the Galaxy project is unable to sustain itself. After two years to the date of this project’s start and large amount of resources spent with no recovery in sight, the financier of the Galaxy have decided to end the project.

Prim Perfect Issue 2

Prim Perfect Issue 2

Bill Stirling, the owner and designer of this fabulous three-sim build, has said that if no serious action comes forth to save the ship by Feb 15th, the Galaxy will be destroyed in a spectacular sinking event on March 1st. It promise to be an event of a life time, just like the Galaxy herself has been but, to be honest, one which we really wish we didn’t need to witness.

We wrote about the launch of the Galaxy in our second issue – which you can read here, with a specially commissioned fantastic cover.  Later, we presented two Meta Makeover shows from the Galaxy – one a cabin makeover, and the second looking at more recent changes.

And both Prim Perfect and Meta makeover teams were delighted to joined the Galaxy’s one year celebrations, where we all had a wonderful time!

The entrance to the Galaxy

The entrance to the Galaxy

A Galaxy Museum is planned in Second Life and the current website will survive as an archival site.  Bill and his team feel that they would like to preserve the “Galaxy Experience” and her memories as much as they can. There is even a possibility of a book with collections of stories and images from the Galaxy, “Life on the Galaxy”.  All of us here at Prim perfect and Meta Makeover will be happy to contribute to that – we’ve had some very happy times on the Galaxy!

If you’re a fan of the Galaxy, make sure you pay your farewell visit soon.  And for those of you who have never been … go now.  You will have a chance to see one of the most spectacular builds in all Second Life – but for the last time.

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Orange Island Fashion Photocontest

Orange Island Fashion Photocontest

After Monday’s amazing visit to London, the Orange Island Photocontest continues today!

Orange Island and Prim Perfect Publications are sponsoring an innovative competition for teams of photographers, clothing designers and models throughout the week of 25 August, 2008. Participants will have the chance to stretch their creative genius and demonstrate their originality and innovation as a new theme and environment will provide the focus for each day’s shooting.

Today (Tuesday) the theme is Living By the Sea. There are many ways of living by the sea – and we’ve chosen one of the most stylish for today’s destination! Grab your best nautical gear, or go for romance under the stars … but create a photograph that would make anyone wish they were here!

And where are we heading? Well, it’s the Galaxy – Second Life’s amazing three sim luxury liner that gives its residents a taste of living at sea the whole year round!

The Galaxy

The Galaxy

The three sims of the Galaxy contain everything you would expect to see on a modern luxury liner – from a starry ballroom to an ice-rink, from deck quoits and skeet shooting to luxury restaurants, a pool deck, an amazing health and fitness centre and a Japanese restaurant, presided over by that formidable cleaver-wielding octopus of a sushi chef, Satu Moreau. There’s a jogging track around the deck, a miniature golf course, the opportunity to try out sky diving, stroll through the atrium or try out the holodeck.

And then there are the cabins, perhaps perfect for a romantic shot as one stands on a private area of deck, dressed for dinner and watching the sun slowly sinking as one sips a cocktail …

Whichever setting on The Galaxy you choose, remember to make it clear that you are very definitely Living by the Sea.

For more detail about the competition, please go to Orange Fashion Photo Contest.

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The Galaxy prepares to celebrate!It doesn’t seem like a whole year since Prim Perfect featured the fabulous three-sim luxury cruise liner as our sim of the month!  But it was indeed the June 2007 edition where we covered the launch of that great ship.  And we blogged about it too!

And, of course, we had an iconic representation of her steaming proudly on our front cover!

prim_perfect_issue_2 Now, of course, a year has passed, and the SS Galaxy, like Prim Perfect, has gone from strength to strength.  And to celebrate, the SS Galaxy have planned the most wonderful anniversary cruise.

On the weekend of July 21-22, there will bet wo days full of fun and activities on board the ship that can truly claim to be one of the the most amazing attractions in Second Life.

Day One will be open to  VIP ticket holders and Galaxy Cruise residents only, with a Black and Gold Gala (VIP ticket holders only) featuring Paisley Beebe Jazz Trio and Louis Volare in concert.

Day Two is open access allow everyone to enjoy the Galaxy Cruise experience.

VIP Tickets are 5,000L per avatar which includes:

  • 3-night stay (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in one of the onboard cabin/stateroom (double occupancy, based on availability)
  • full ship all event access including the Captain’s Reception and the Black and Gold Gala
  • VIP group tag and permanent Galaxy Cruise VIP status
  • special limited edition Galaxy souvenirs with goody bag

Galaxy Anniversay logo A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Relay for Life and Project Children charities.

VIP tickets numbers are limited due to room availability and sim lag conditions.  You can see more information – including a full programme of events – on the SS Galaxy web-site.

Don’t miss out on this once a year special event! Contact Bella LaSalle in world to book your cruise today!

For a glimpse of life on the Galaxy, you can see a recent episode of Meta Makeover, where we paid a visit to the ship and made over one of the cabins.

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Sofia's vases in her store on Serafina This is another in my occasional series on the Signature pieces by different designers. I’ve already talked about Baron Grayson’s hammock and Szabo Horn’s grandfather clock, and Lilith Heart’s palm trees in these articles. These are beautiful pieces and, in some ways, they’ve become the signature pieces for their designers – items that are so lovely and memorable that they appear throughout SL – sometimes in unexpected places.

The signature piece I’m going to talk about today is a little different because it’s a type that’s relatively common in Second Life – and yet this designer does it so very well that it has made an great impression wherever she deploys them – and this is Sofia Standish’s vases and planters from her store Sofia’s Furniture on Serafina.

Sofia's vaseThe vase you can see here is one of the first pieces I acquired from Sofia- you’ll find it in the meditation corner of my office, and also on the Prim Perfect banner (which you’ll see at the top of this page). This elegant tall vase is one of two main designs that Sofia uses, and I first discovered them when I was attempting to furnish my first home, the castle that I’ve written about in the Banana Palm Saga (links at the bottom of this page).

I had three large floors and only 200 prims to furnish the whole thing – so I was aiming for some comfortable chairs and then some beautiful, eye-catching pieces that would serve to draw the eye without exploding the prim limit. And Sofia’s vases, in a range of beautiful and interesting textures, did exactly that.

Sofia's new vase in her store on Serafina She is still producing more of these lovely vases, either in this large form or in a slightly smaller format. A couple of recent designs include a medieval one that combines the imagery and colour of stained glass windows, or the lovely piece to the left, which can be seen enlarged here on Flickr. I love the contrasts between the blue and the gold here – especially that way that it seems to be lit from within so that it almost glows with light. I’m delighted that she can still bring something fresh and new to the concept!

As well as these tall, elegant jars, Sofia has long produced a range of planters. Sometimes these come in matching forms – Sofia utilises textures cunningly so that she sometimes produces an entire range of furniture following a single theme – so you can have bedroom, living room suite, planters and cases all harmonising.

Sofia's planterAt other times she picks up elements to create a harmonious whole. This was what she did when, back in June, she was designer of the month and created that really splendid cabin on the three sim-long cruise liner, the Galaxy. The planter, shown here on the right, was originally part of the bedroom set; the Captain of the Galaxy no sooner saw it than he wanted to know where he could buy one (actually, he wanted his own cabin bedroom just the same). And Bill Stirling, the designer and creator of the Galaxy was similarly impressed; he commissioned Sofia to supply planters throughout the ship, so that now you can see them from the lobby of the ship to the gorgeous health club!

Even here (or in the larger photo of Flickr) you can see the texture of this planter which perhaps goes some way to explaining why it’s such an immediately popular piece. Like many of Sofia’s other pieces (such as the Egyptian vase with its carved hieroglyphs, or the mosaic on other vases and planters), this has a tactile feel. The green looks like a burnished metal – and there’s a temptation to slide your fingertips over its smooth polished finish. Perhaps it is this ability to convey a very special sense of reality that makes these so popular, and elevates Sofia’s vases and planters to being signature pieces.


Banana Palm Saga
Episode 1
Episode 2
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