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You can now see Designing Worlds’ visit to Temasek, the Second Life region inspired by Singapore, on the web!

Veritas Raymaker, owner and developer of Temasek, has brought something of the history, geography and ecology, and the culture of Singapore into the virtual world. Ranging from Mangrove swamps and a fishing village to a second world war fort (complete with an aerial attack!) to Concorde and modern builds … and not forgetting a look at traditional food on the way … this is a very rich and exciting environment to explore!

Temasek, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

Temasek, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

Elrik Merlin was on holiday when the show was shot, so Saffia is joined by Zander Greene as co-presenter as Veritas takes us on a journey around his island from the tunnels beneath to high in the sky!

And this is not the only fascinating build that Veritas is involved with – he also supports the First World War Digital Poetry Archive region, taking it over when the University of Oxford project was coming to an end – and, in the show, we remind ourselves of that iconic build too.

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Join us today, Monday 21st May at 2pm SLT in our beautiful studio in Garden of Dreams as we visit the Virtual Mine, a fascinating project in Second Life, created by Sand Castles Studios, in association with the Deep Down Mine documentary film.

The town of Maytown - and the polluting power station beyond

The town of Maytown – and the polluting power station beyond

We’ll be talking to one of the makers of the documentary – Jen Gilomen, and to Gianna Borgnine of Sand Castle studios, as we explore the background to the creation of this region and the documentary, and then explore the area, looking at the issues it raises about the need for power, the cost of mountaintop mining, and the alternatives that could provide the needed power and employment, with far fewer environmental costs.

It makes for a fascinating show – so do come and join us at 2pm!

Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in at 2pm SLT on Monday for the live show on http://treet.tv/live – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the Treet.tv web site at http://treet.tv/shows/designingworlds – our very own version of the iPlayer!

And you might also like to tackle the Prim Perfect jigsaw, taken from this show, which we posted earlier today!

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