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Harland Quinn is taking Miss Alleyn ... Fishing

Harland Quinn is taking Miss Alleyn … Fishing

At the end of Episode 1.5 of The Blackened Mirror, Harland Quinn tells Alais Alleyn to get what she needs – and that he will need more ammo; they’re going fishing.

But what other arrangements does Quinn make as he plans to leave Seraph City?

Now we can tell you …

Before leaving Seraph City, Harland Quinn wrote a number of letters and sent them to various friends, telling them where they might find the gifts he had left for them. And you can find the letters on the web – but you’ll have to answer a few questions that test your knowledge of The Blackened Mirror to find them!

You’ll find full instructions on how to play this game, and the first clue here.

The final item will lead you to a special prize – it unlocks access to part 3 of Death in Velvet, the radio play of a Harland Quinn mystery (separate to the main series, but referencing some of the characters – and with some very special guest stars!).

By the end of the game, you should have had access to a number of letters from Quinn (and thank you to Zander Greene for writing the letters) from which you will learn something more about Harland Quinn and his relationships with the people around him. And that, for Blackened Mirror fans, is the best prize of all!

What messages is Quinn leaving behind in Seraph City?

What messages is Quinn leaving behind in Seraph City?

However, there is also a version of this game that you can play within Second Life, where you can find extra gifts. For more details of the inworld game, see here.

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