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Virtual Ability, Inc. announces the third annual Mental Health Symposium to be held Saturday, April 26th, 7:00 am PDT/SLT to 5:00 pm PDT/SLT in Second Life®. The theme of this year’s conference is “Quality of Life.”

Virtual Ability Island

Virtual Ability Island

The World Health Organization defines quality of life as an individual’s “perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, standards and concerns.”

Quality of life is important to us all, but may be more difficult to attain for those with mental health issues. Overall quality of life is affected by psychological state, physical health, level of independence, social relationships, personal values and beliefs, and the relationship of all of these to the person’s environment.

Symposium presentations include (in alphabetical order):
•    Hillary Bogner, MD, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, will offer insights from her research on depression among older adults.
•    Colleen Crary, Executive Director of Fearless Nation, Inc., will share lessons from adversity for creating a vibrant life.
•    Dick Dillon, CEO of Innovaision, LLC, shares surprising information about why some recovering addicts become “weller than well.”
•    Teresa Goddard, Senior Consultant with the Job Accommodation Network, will inform us about attaining employment equality through accommodation and self-advocacy.
•    Dr. Christine Karper and Michelle Stone, members of the American Counseling Association’s Cyber Task Force, will talk about the role of counseling and virtual service delivery.
•    Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie, University of Southern California, will describe the use of virtual worlds as healing spaces for veterans.
•    Dr. Nicolas Rüsch, of the University of Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, will explain the results of his research on well-being among persons at risk of psychosis, focusing particularly on shame and stigma.

Alice Krueger, president of Virtual Ability, Inc., stated: “I am pleased to see an increasing focus on quality of life in mental health care in recent years, since many persons with mental health diagnoses struggle with these issues. The Symposium’s international presenters are acknowledged experts in their fields. I will be interested to hear what they have to say on these important topics. Please join us on April 26 to learn more from a variety of exciting speakers!”

All sessions, done in voice and text simultaneously, will take place at The Sojourner Auditorium on Virtual Ability Island within Second Life®:

The full schedule of presentations is posted at http://www.virtualability.org/conferences/mh-symposium/mh-symposium-2014/.

The Sojourner Auditorium

The Sojourner Auditorium

About Virtual Ability, Inc.
Virtual Ability, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in Denver, Colorado, dedicated to enabling people with a wide range of disabilities by providing a supporting environment for them to enter and thrive in on-line virtual worlds like Second Life®.

For more information on Virtual Ability, Inc., including the benefits of virtual worlds for people with disabilities, please see http://www.VirtualAbility.org.

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The time for Virtual Ability’s annual International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference is upon us once again. This year the theme is “Let Me In” and the dates are Friday and Saturday, the 27th and 28th of September on Virtual Ability Island.

We are so excited! We invite you to attend the conference if you can, and tell your friends about it – bring them along!

The slate of presenters is broad and varied. We’ll have:

– Panels talking about disability rights around the world
– A keynote address about how young children with disabilities can learn through play
– Another keynote presentation about the World Report on Disability
– A discussion about making buildings more accessible
– Empowerment medicine
– Autism in India
– Reproductive health literacy in Ghana
– Emergency preparedness
– And more

Presenters hail from places as diverse as Germany, South Africa and the Netherlands. Panelists come from places as widespread as Brazil, Italy, Japan, Ecuador, and Denmark.

You can find more information about the conference, the speakers and the schedule on Virtual Ability’s website at http://www.virtualability.org and the blog at http://blog.virtualability.org.

Join us on the 27th and 28th as we celebrate successes, identify issues and re-affirm the rights of people with disabilities across the world.

International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference (IDRAC)
September 27 & 28, 2013
The Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability Island
Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Virtual%20Ability/53/172/23

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Do You See ME?

That’s the theme for this year’s Mental Health Symposium at Virtual Ability on Saturday, April 27th, 2013. The lineup of presenters is impressive, starting off with a keynote presentation by Jayme Nelson at 7:00am Pacific time. The event closes at 5:00pm Pacific. This event is open to the public in Second Life. Mental health professionals, caregivers, friends and patients are encouraged to attend.

For more information, visit Virtual Ability’s blog at http://blog.virtualability.org.

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There are two discussions today, Friday 8th February, that you won’t want to miss at the Sojourner Auditorium on Virtual Ability – at 11am and 12 noon. In the first, Saffia will be sharing (for the first time) some of the results of the survey into age and attitudes that was posted recently on this blog.

Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability

Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability

Second Life’s Little Secret: A discussion
PRESENTER:  Saffia Widdershins
FRIDAY, 8 February 2013, 11am SLT

The Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual AbilityOver the years, the question of gender in virtual worlds has formed the fodder for a wide variety of newspaper and magazine articles and several well-regarded academic studies in the wider world, and some fascinating blog posts from inworld. But one area that has been comparatively overlooked – and one that may have an important bearing on some of the problems that Second Life faces today, and some of its potential strengths that could ensure its longevity – is the demographic of age.

Saffia Widdershins discusses one of Second Life’s open secrets – the fact that the inhabitants of Second Life may well be older than they appear and she’ll be talking about the results of a survey she’s conducted about age and attitudes.

Presented in voice, with text transcription.


What is One Billion Rising About?
PRESENTER: Honour McMillan
FRIDAY 8 February, noon SLT
The Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability

What is One Billion Rising about? Honour McMillan explains!

One out of every 3 women in the world will experience violence during her lifetime which totals more than one billion. Women, and the men who love them, will participate will walk away from their homes, businesses and jobs on Valentine’s Day and join together to dance in a show of collective strength.

One Billion Rising in Second Life is an officially registered event associated with the real live movement. 24 hours, 24 performers and 24 artists on 4 sims.

Presented in both Voice and text.

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Two very different and fascinating events are taking place this weekend at Virtual Ability.

The Cape Able Gallery

The Cape Able Gallery

Firstly, the otterly talented artist (and otter) Scottius Polke will be showing a fun new exhibit called Aessemblage,  a collection of Aesop’s Fables, with whimsical, artistic illustrations designed by Scottius. Aessemblage is a real life book, and Scottius will be sharing the illustrations he did for it in the Cape Able Art Gallery.

The show will be opening on Friday, November 16, 2012 at a grand opening gala scheduled from 5 pm to 7pm.    The artist will be here, and there will also be a dance to celebrate the opening, expertly DJ’d by Suzzie Halsey-Zsun!

Then, on Saturday 17th November at noon, there will be a presentation on Problem-Solving Strategies for Health Care: The importance of complex, fluctuating symptom patterns in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, given by Kara Bennett, PhD (known as Dancers Yao in Second Life) at the Sojourner Auditorium on Virtual Ability Island.

The Sojourner Auditorium

The Sojourner Auditorium

Illness that presents with nonlinear patterns may be more often misdiagnosed than those with a more linear course.  Problem-solving strategies that include ways of representing information to help capture the stability and change of complex symptom patterns will be discussed.

The strategies are based on the presenter’s research, as well as other health care practitioners  who work with dynamical diseases, such as the neurologist, Dr. Oliver Sacks, and Dr. Susan Patrice, who recently died of cancer.  Participants will learn ways of creating patient diaries and how to tell health care stories that offer the kind of information necessary to discover unusual patterns in illness.  Ideas for how virtual worlds could play an important role in creating a new kind of health care story that will include the dynamics of disease, will be offered.

Speaker Bio:
Kara Bennett works as a psychologist with Elder Voice (www.eldervoices.net), Los Angeles, CA. “Elder Voices assists people in learning how telehealth services can benefit their health care by offering interactive educational material and dynamic assessment methods.  These methods focus on learning problem-solving strategies that help create guidelines for health, not only for physical survival, but for choices of personal and humanitarian values.”

The presentation is another in Virtual Ability’s distributed conference series “Waiting for the World to Change”.

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